Fall Stukent Digital Summit 2021 Recap

The Fall 2021 Stukent Digital Summit focused on the universal language of analytics. This event was part of the Stukent Digital Summit (SDS) series, which brings digital marketing instructors and industry experts together three times each year to share insights and stay informed on the latest advances in the fast-moving world of digital marketing.

Stukent hosted three keynote speakers at Fall 2021 SDS, including Deepak Aujla, global program manager for Google; Sajna Razi, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago; and Jeff Larson, associate professor of marketing in the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University.

Highlights of the event are given below. To view a recording of the event, click here.

How Google Is Empowering Educators and Students to Learn and Teach Analytics

Deepak Aujla
Google Global Program Manager

Topics included features provided in the recently-released Google Analytics 4, analytics education tutorials available from Google, how Google Skillshop assessments and certifications can be used in the classroom, and information on accessing Google demo accounts to provide datasets for teaching analytics.

Deepak also spoke on Google tools for developers, why the Google Help Center is a go-to place for learning about the latest updates to Google platforms, and how the Google Partner Program can benefit education. 

(Click here for the session recording.)

10 Skills Every Marketing Analytics Professional Needs

Sajna Razi, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago

Industry demand for market research analysts is expected to grow by 22% during the current decade — that’s about 96,000 jobs per year.

Sajna described the work of market research analysts, the skills needed to perform the various tasks the role demands, and the career paths open to skilled practitioners in the field. She then provided suggestions about how educators can help students gain the required capabilities for students who wish to pursue a career as a market research analyst.

Sajna finished with a description of how artificial intelligence is transforming business intelligence into actionable intelligence. Even if you don’t teach marketing analytics, the “Three Little Pigs” story-building suggestion can help you show students how to write effective reports.
(Click here for the session recording.)

From Data to Action: Using Web Analytics to Drive Results

Jeff Larson, PhD
Brigham Young University

Jeff Larson, who is a coauthor of Stukent’s “Digital Marketing Essentials,” covered both the Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 platforms in this presentation.

The presentation included how to access Google Analytics demo accounts, why data filtering is important, and how web analytics helps businesses gain deeper knowledge of visitor behavior.

Jeff focused on the primary reasons for using analytics: to increase conversions, to boost purchase amount, and to determine the most productive channels. Other avenues for using analytics to increase profitability were also described.

For an “ah-hah” moment, be sure to give some thought to his “illusion of informedness” concept and why Google Analytics isn’t the best way to determine the return on ad spend.

(Click here for the session recording.)

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