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Expanded Text Ads Are Here – Update to Mimic

You have probably heard about Google Adwords’ major change in text ad formatting announced earlier in 2016. More recently, they extended their deadline on when they will require that advertisers begin using the newer ad format.

If you didn’t click through to the links above, and you don’t know about the new ad format, here is the “news:”

Google allows (and will soon require) advertisers to write Expanded Text Ads. The format includes two 30-character headlines and one 80-character-long description line.

So, I am excited to tell you that as of September 28th, any new courses that are created by professors will require students to write text ads in the new Expanded Text Ads format.

Here is what it looks like in our Mimic platform.

Expanded Text Ads

Don’t judge the quality of the ad copy! 😉

Read Google’s guide on Expanded Text Ads here.


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