New Simulations From Stukent – THE BIG NEWS

We have developed a robust simulation platform we call Mimic.

This will allow us to keep bringing you the best digital marketing simulations in the world. But more importantly, it allows us to also bring you additional simulations with more integrity and more features. We begin our rollout of additional simulations with this launch of an internet marketing simulation for your principles of marketing course called Mimic Intro.

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Why A Digital Marketing Simulation For A Principles of Marketing Class?

mimic-intro-wht-bgAt Winter AMA in 2014 in Orlando, a professor that teaches Principles of Marketing came to our booth. He said, “I saw your presentation. I really liked what I saw, but it is too much for my Principles of Marketing course. I just want something more simplified. I want to cover digital marketing in my course, but I need a mini version of the full simulation you currently offer.”

Universities don’t expose their business students to enough digital marketing. We feel like Mimic Intro will give Principles of Marketing students the perfect amount of exposure to the subject as a part of a course focused on all aspects of marketing.

Positive Feedback So Far…

Mimic Intro is being piloted at BYU’s Marriott School with over 1300 students currently enrolled. We’ll post end results and findings on the Stukent Blog soon. By the way, we would love to have more early adopters that get a discounted rate like BYU.

Another Reason For Mimic

Stay tuned, as in the coming weeks we will announce more exciting simulation developments that will run through the Mimic platform for all of our existing RealDeal simulation users.

About The Name

Our developer team has worked very hard on Mimic.

A lot of long days and late nights have gone into getting this off the ground. This is their baby, so we let them name it, and we feel they did a fantastic job! When we try and simulate online marketing, we attempt to “mimic” the online marketing platforms used by professionals on a daily basis.

Also, students now have a chance, while in school and without real money on the line, to “mimic” what they would do on the job as a professional. We think the name fits, and we hope you like it too!

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We’ll create a free professor account for you to test and try Mimic Intro, which will reside at
We take all of the professor feedback we get very seriously and do our best to implement the changes as fast as we can with our small, but mighty team.

A Million Thanks

Thank you for believing that business students need more exposure to the subject of online marketing and for helping us fulfill our mission of helping professors help students help the world.

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