Consumer Behavior: A Marketer’s Look into the Consumer Mind

A new approach to teaching consumer behavior teams the recently released digital textbook “Consumer Behavior: A Marketer’s Look into the Consumer Mind” with pre-made projects, recorded video segments, and more. This courseware is designed to provide educators with helpful, time-saving resources and students with the tools to understand and opportunities to apply key concepts.

The courseware includes

  • A customizable syllabus
  • Lesson plans
  • Lecture slides
  • In-class activities
  • Built-in quizzes
  • Real-world projects
  • Video segments

And, as an introductory offer, the digital textbook — including all of the additional resources — is available for free until July 15, 2019!

Students will learn how to

  • Determine consumer needs, motivations, and goals
  • Influence consumer perception
  • Affect the consumer learning process
  • Identify consumer personalities
  • Understand individual decision making
  • Actuate the power of reference groups and word of mouth
  • Persuade consumers through messaging
  • Influence the buying process
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Include technology in marketing efforts

The author’s perspective

Author Radhika Duggal set out to create a unique learning experience with this textbook. “Consumer Behavior is often misconstrued by students as a very theoretical subject,” Duggal said. “But in reality, it’s at the cornerstone of how successful marketers do their job every day. I wanted to use this text to bring that point to life.” The head of student marketing for Chase Bank, Duggal brings to the book years of experience with brand strategy and her educational understanding as an instructor at New York University.

What’s to come

Over the next few months, more resources will be added, including

  • Expert sessions with chief marketing officers of large, multinational companies and a variety of marketing professionals across industries
  • Case studies truly tailored to help students understand the consumer behavior elements of real-world business problems

Get your free instructor access by clicking the link here and filling out the form on the page.

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