Introducing- Business Writing: A Content Marketing Approach

When I say “teach content marketing” you might be asking:  

  1. Does content marketing really need to be taught?
  2. How could we possibly add a content marketing course to our full business program?
  3. Could we keep up with the ever-changing industry?

Gone are the days when learning to write memos and meeting minutes was enough to prepare business students to enter the professional world. Those foundational writing skills can’t be forgotten, but if students aren’t qualified to utilize various media channels to develop content in a media-focused, fast-paced culture, they will fall behind.

We get it, there isn’t space for another course, but with the right tools *cough cough keep reading*, you can adapt your business writing course to include content marketing. You’re right, teaching this content requires continuously-updated courseware and input from industry professionals, but we have a solution.

Introducing Business Writing: A Content Marketing Approach

In this courseware, learning will go beyond professional writing as students understand how to appeal to the consumer in a message-driven sphere that is both online and offline.

Why this courseware?
  1. Students learn how to communicate to a wider audience, in addition to communicating within their office or company
  2. Enhance learning with relevant, real-world examples
  3. Save hours on course prep
  4. Teach alongside industry experts
  5. Give your students lifetime access to an industry guide-book
  6. Effectively prepare students for a projected 300 billion dollar industry
Issues and topics addressed
Chapter 1 – Business Writing Chapter 2 – Grammar and Punctuation Basics Chapter 3 – Resumes and Supporting Documents Chapter 4 – Email Etiquette Chapter 5 – Content Marketing Chapter 6 – The Case for Content Marketing Chapter 7 – Earned Media Chapter 8 – Owned Media Chapter 9 – Paid Media Chapter 10 – Audience and Segmentation Chapter 11 – Dealing With Crisis Chapter 12 – The Future of Content Marketing
Knowledge and skills gained in the course:
  • Business writing: Understand the key traits of quality business writing, how to tailor content for various audiences, and how to convey professionalism via email. Know how to write resumes, cover letters, and thank-you notes.
  • Grammar and spelling: Understand the fundamentals of grammar and distinguish between commonly misspelled words.
  • Content marketing: Understand the history of content marketing, its purpose, and what it looks like. Know how to leverage earned, owned, and paid media. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of different platforms. Know how to write a press release and build a working media contact list.
  • Audience segmentation: Know how to write for different audiences and to segment for different demographics and psychographics, as needed.
  • Crisis management: Understand different crisis situations that companies may come across. Be able to explain crisis prevention and crisis management strategies. Understand legal and ethical practices that must be followed in content marketing.
  • The future of content marketing: Understand proliferating and emerging mediums that will shape the future of content marketing.

The courseware comes fully equipped with the same “extras” as our other courses. Sample syllabus, expert session speakers, lesson plans, powerpoints, sample quizzes and so much more. All of these resources will save you hours, if not days, of course prep time.

This is an invaluable addition to all business and communication programs that already require business writing. Be among the first business writing professors to prepare students for the 100,000+ jobs available in content marketing. 


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