Bing Ads Donates Hundreds of Thousands to College Students

Stukent, Inc., an international digital courseware provider focused on digital and social media marketing, is offering its students US$100 in Bing Ads credits in cooperation with Microsoft.

Stukent and Microsoft are offering these ad dollars to students at no cost so they can become familiar with the Bing Ads platform and become effective digital marketers before entering the workforce. This also provides businesses and nonprofits with a low-risk opportunity to try out Bing Ads.

Students can now use Bing Ads to create and launch real ad campaigns for real businesses. Stukent is encouraging professors to use the Bing Ads dollars in their marketing courses to give college students from all over the world hands-on experience in real-world, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

It’s estimated that more than 30,000 students and thousands of small business owners will benefit from this program over the next year.

This initiative was created with the idea that students could take what they learn from Stukent’s PPC simulation, Mimic Pro, and their internet marketing textbook, Digital Marketing Essentials, and apply it to an actual business or project with real ad dollars.

Stukent’s CEO, Stu Draper, said the following when discussing the potential benefit for students:

“Providing students with hands-on learning experience and industry perspective is a top priority for Stukent,” said Stu Draper, Stukent’s CEO, when discussing the potential benefit for students. “After reading about digital marketing, and spending tens of thousands of simulated ad dollars, they will be able to efficiently and effectively create a real ad campaign using Bing Ads. The way we look at it, this is the perfect final project for students that have read Digital Marketing Essentials and used the Mimic Pro simulation.”

Read Judah, Bing Ads senior channel marketing manager, said Microsoft is looking forward to helping professors provide their students with real-world experience managing PPC campaigns.

“Our partnership with Stukent has the potential to help countless up-and-coming marketers and future industry leaders develop the skills and experience necessary to run successful campaigns using Bing Ads,” Judah said.

Stukent has created a project outline that teaches students how to use this opportunity to help a local business and improve their own skills at the same time. Professors interested in using this project are encouraged to talk with a Stukent course consultant by clicking the link below.

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