Announcing a New Textbook: Market Research Essentials

What is marketing without market research? It’s a lot like throwing darts at a dartboard, except the dartboard is spinning and you have a bandana tied around your eyes.

Unfortunately, many marketers are still blindfolded when it comes to their market, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your students can be better. You can make them better. All you need are the right tools to teach market research.

Introducing Market Research Essentials

This is not like other market research books.

Instructors get access to concepts, ready-to-use guides for students to use in surveys and focus groups along with examples from the real world. Students will experience hands-on learning and be prepared for future employment.

This is what author Steven Stromp said about the textbook: “Research is vital when making business decisions. Market Research Essentials covers core research methodologies and best practices when analyzing and reporting research results.”


Why Market Research Essentials?

Your students need to learn more than just the theory of market research. They need practical guidance on how to actually conduct the research.

The digital textbook Market Research Essentials gives students the whole picture, from defining the research objective to reporting on the results.

essentials of social media marketing textbookStudents will learn:

  • The purpose of market research
  • How to conduct a focus group
  • How to develop surveys
  • When to use qualitative research methods
  • The difference between primary and secondary research
  • How to administer surveys
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Principles for effective data visualization
  • Data Analysis Methods

What’s included in the textbook?

This digital textbook is loaded with free instructor resources, including:

  • A customizable syllabus
  • Lecture slides
  • Lesson plans
  • Chapter quizzes
  • Student assignments
  • A comprehensive project
  • And more

Want free instructor access?

If you think your students will benefit from this textbook, request free instructor access to Market Research Essentials.

Free instructor access will allow you to review the book, lecture slides, quizzes, project, assignments and much more.

Request Access Here


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