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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Five New Social Media Case Studies Now Available

Just about a year ago we brought you our digital textbook, Internet Marketing Essentials. We were so thrilled we even wrote a song about it!

Our Stukent professors and students have loved it. It has quickly been used by thousands of students across the globe in both English and Spanish. A common question we have been asked is when we are going to add a book on Social Media. A book that can be used for an entire course dedicated to the subject. I don’t have that news for you (yet), but this is close.

The Big News: Stukent & Andrew Stephen Are Joining Forces


I am excited to announce that we are now the publisher of five social media case studies. And these aren’t just any case studies. They were written by top notch professor, author and researcher, Andrew Stephen.

You All Should Know Him Already, But…

In case you don’t know Andrew yet, here’s a brief introduction. It still doesn’t do him justice, but it is a start.

Andrew Stephen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Katz Fellow of Marketing
University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Andrew Stephen received his PhD in Marketing with Distinction and an MPhil in Marketing from Columbia University. He went to teach at Pittsburgh after his time on the marketing faculty of INSEAD in France and Singapore.

Andrew has done extensive research in the areas of social media and digital marketing. You can find his research in myriad of journals including the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing Research, and the Journal of Consumer Research, just to name a few. His list of prestigious awards for his research is quite impressive as well. Professor Stephen oversees the Digital Marketing Certificate offered through the Katz MBA Program. He teaches social media marketing and digital media analytics in the MBA and Executive MBA programs.

I would add to that impressive resume above that he has an Australian accent I could listen to all day. 🙂

Professors can email support [at] to request evaluation copies of the cases. They will be available for purchase at $7.99 per case.

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