Ace the Interview: 20 Critical Digital Marketing Analytics Questions

Want to fine tune your digital marketing efforts? You need to analyze the data that comes with every piece of information or material you put out online. The demand for data savvy digital marketers is spiking in today’s job market. The career expert website, Zippia, reports that “between 2018 and 2028, the [digital marketing analytics] career is expected to grow 20% and produce 139,200 job opportunities across the U.S.”

Data analysis is proven to hone in on target market segments, increasing sales while decreasing bounce rates and improving marketing campaigns. The impressive results explain why there is such fast market growth in this field. Even more, the digital marketing staffing agency, Mondo, claims that a data/web analytics career is one of the top six highest paying digital marketing jobs, bringing in upward of $130,000 per year as a big data analyst! Anyone considering a career in digital marketing analytics must develop both hard and soft skill sets to succeed in the industry. 

Below are 20 questions every student needs to know when answering interview questions for a digital marketing analyst position. Take a look and see which questions you can answer now, and which areas you need more experience in. 

If you’re a professor in digital marketing analytics, check out “Digital Marketing Analytics” by Nathan David. This e-textbook is tailored for a hands-on approach. It goes beyond concepts to give students actual experience in analyzing and understanding owned, earned and paid media, google analytics, tag managers, facebook analytics, attribution, customer lifetime value, measurement models and more.

Request free instructor access here to see how your students can confidently answer all of the questions below using “Digital Marketing Analytics.”

20 Typical Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Analytics

Want a job in digital marketing analytics? You’d better be prepared (and able) to answer all the questions below.

1. What is your explanation of digital marketing?

2. What are the different types of digital marketing analytics?

3. What is a KPI?

4. How have you used Google Analytics to solve a business problem?

5. What steps or processes do you follow when conducting an analysis?

6. How would you approach an analysis if asked what website revenues would be next month?

7. How would you connect online digital marketing data to offline business performance data such as sales?

8. How have you used competitive research?

9. Are you comfortable working with social media analytics tools? 

10. What tools have you used?

11. What do you feel is the most important part of a company’s marketing technology stack?

12. What is your familiarity with consumer privacy and protections such as CCPA?

13. What do you see as the benefits of using a tag manager?

14. If you could only pick one KPI, what KPI would you use to guide business profitability?

15. Are you familiar with the owned, paid, and earned framework?

16. If yes, how would you define each bucket?

17. What functions in Excel or Google Sheets do you find most helpful for data analysis?

18. How would you go about optimizing budget allocations across our various campaigns?

19. What are the benefits of data visualization? 

20. What BI/data visualization tools are you familiar with?

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