A Conversation with Google AdWords

Can you imagine how
stu-twitter-adwordsdifficult it would have been to ask a global Fortune 500 company a simple question and get a direct answer within hours, just 10 years ago?

Well, a few short weeks ago the founder and CEO of Stukent, Inc. had a conversation with the Google AdWords team on Twitter. It’s not only amazing that he received an answer within hours, but that he even received an answer at all from such a large company.

What was the Question?

While Stu (Founder/CEO of Stukent, Inc.) was browsing the web for what appears to be a new pair of Nike kicks. He took a glance at the paid search results like any good search engine marketer would do, and quickly noticed something out of the ordinary. There was a Zappos PPC ad that was showing more ad copy than usual. Stu’s brain started mustering up all sorts of theories. How was this happening, he thought. He immediately turned to Twitter for some answers, and why not go directly to the source?

Stu’s Twitter Conversation with Google

Below you’ll see the actual twitter conversation between Stu and the Google AdWords team.

Final Thoughts

To 95% of Google search users, this means absolutely nothing to them and I’m guessing that 100% of them wouldn’t even notice the extra line of text added to the ad. However, I want to know if Zappos noticed a change whether good or bad? Were they notified that Google was going to pull that extra content from their landing page? Did they have a choice?
I’m sure if Zappos and other online advertisers experienced negative results that Google would pull that off the shelf immediately. That’s one of the many powers and advantages that Google has, is its ability to test things QUICKLY with the amount of data and users they control.
What are your thoughts about scraping for an extra line of text? Have you noticed it in the past month or so?

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