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6 Reasons You’ll Love Stukent

1. You’ll read less, but learn more.

Why take 30 pages to cover a topic that could be taught in 10? Stukent prides itself on keeping things short, sweet, and to the point. On average, our textbooks are 37 percent shorter than competing textbooks. So you learn everything you need, without the fluff. You’ve got enough homework already.

2. You’ll learn the skills you need to get hired.

The whole point of going to college is to get a job, right? That’s why Stukent designs all their content to focus on the real-world skills you need to get a job. Check out this student who used his Stukent experience to get a job at Google.

3. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for your textbook.

According to a recent study by CBS News, college textbooks cost an average of $153! Prices have gotten so high that 65 percent of students report they’ve skipped buying textbooks due to cost. You’ll be happy to know that Stukent textbooks can save you up to 47 percent when compared to the average textbook price. 

Stukent textbooks save students 47 percent compared to the average texbook price.

4. Your textbook will never be outdated.

Forget case studies from the 1980s or textbooks that were written before you were born. Our goal is to help academia catch up and keep up with the industry. We update your digital courseware twice a year, so you’re always learning the latest trends and practices in your field. The latest updates to our Mimic Social simulation are just one example.

5. You won’t get ghosted by customer service.

In the rare event that you do have an issue, our customer service team will fix it at blistering speeds. But don’t take our word for it. Check out some comments from your peers.

6. You’ll never feel like you’re talking to your grandpa.

The publishing business is old, established, and fairly resistant to change. But not Stukent. We pride ourselves in understanding the college experience and helping students get more out of it. Forget the stuffed shirts of corporate America. We’re all about having fun, pushing boundaries, and thinking outside the box. That’s how we help teachers and students have fun too.

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