Stukent Pledges $4 Million in Grants for Personal Finance Courseware

Announcing: Mimic Personal Finance

To further the goal of increasing financial literacy in young adults, Stukent is offering $4 million in grant money to provide personal finance courseware entirely free to 2,000 high schools nationwide for the 2019–2020 school year. This courseware is first of its kind and connects simulated decision-making with real results.

The Mimic Personal Finance simulation, formerly known as Real-World Classroom Life Lab, gives students hands-on experience in personal finance and decision making. It creates an environment where students’ choices dictate the learning experience. 

Students will learn how to

  • develop a credit score
  • budget for major purchases
  • invest in the stock market
  • use online banking platforms
  • and much more! 

A recent study found that 56 percent of respondents don’t have any money left over at the end of the month. In addition, 35 percent are not saving for retirement. Roughly 90 percent of respondents said they believe personal finance should be required to graduate high school. 

“It doesn’t matter what career you have, where you live, or what level of education you achieve. Everyone will benefit from developing good money management skills and understanding,” says Stukent VP of Classroom Experience, Brian Bean.

Financial literacy is finally becoming a priority. So far, 17 states have made personal finance courses or units a graduation requirement in their high schools, and several others have pending legislation on the topic.

For more information on Mimic Personal Finance, feel free to contact Garrett Brock at [email protected].

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