4 Great Color Resources

Other than the color wheels that are provided on this site, there are other awesome resources to help you pick the best color scheme for your design project. The following websites help you to really be in control of your color scheme and pick what will work best. Check them out!

Adobe Color CC


This tool is a great resource for your design projects because it works hand-in-hand with the Adobe programs. You are able to select the type of color scheme you are looking for such as analogous or complementary and then it will help guide you as you start picking colors. There are also example color schemes if you are having a hard time creating one.

Colour Lovers


Browse thousands of color schemes to find the perfect one for your next design project. Not only can you search various categories, but you can see what is trending in print and on the web.



Upload a photo and then find the colors used in that photo for a color scheme. Pretty cool!

TinEye Labs


This website allows you to pick a color and then the search engine will show photos that match that color. These are Creative Commons photos from Flickr, so you must make sure you follow the licensing information if you use them.

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