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2014 – The Year of the Book

This post is for the students that use Stukent and have a dream of starting their own business. The ones that want to be entrepreneurs. The ones driven by the goal of making money online. I love you. Don’t giggle. I’m serious. I want to help you.  I have a passion for entrepreneurship and helping marketing students. I have been in your shoes. Besides our courseware that will help you, we have also created an internship/job board and a $1000 scholarship for an entrepreneur of the year.

I’m not normal. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll relate.

When I set goals, I reach them. Think that is normal? It’s not. Not very many people reach their goals. See for yourself. Ask the next 5 people you speak to today how they are doing on their new year’s resolutions.

In 2014, I set a couple of big, hairy, audacious goals.

GOAL #1:  Write and publish a textbook. <done>

Internet Marketing TextbookWith help from Jeff Larson, my co-author, we published Internet Marketing Essentials in May of 2014. That was hard. Really hard. I worked all day on Stukent.com and growing the business. I spent nights, after helping get my 3 kids in bed, writing the book. Sometimes I didn’t want to write. Sometimes I didn’t want to spend my Saturday still working on Stukent. But I had goals. There wasn’t another option. 60 hour work weeks have been the norm for me as an author and entrepreneur this year.

Goal #2: Read and/or listen to at least 12 books. <done>

You might be thinking to yourself, “HOW? How did you work 60 hours (that’s 5 days at 12 hours on average), and still find time to read 12 books this year!?”

I have a secret.


I read internet marketing blogs all year long every working day. I don’t have a lot of desire to read more after I am done staring at a screen all day.  Instead, on drives to appointments, on my way to the gym, while working out, while mowing the lawn, while on flights, and while in the bathroom, I listened to the books I wanted to read. I have actually now finished 13 books with a month to spare, and have 3 others I chose not to finish.

I did actually read the hard copy of Smartcuts by Shane Snow. I’ve also written my brief take on each one of those books if you’d like to check them out. Most are business and entrepreneurial-themed books.

2014 has definitely been the year of the book for me. What are you going to do with 2015? Will you make it the year of the book for you? If not, that’s fine, but what ever you do, set goals for 2015, and then go reach them! No matter what it takes.

Tell me in the comments what your B.H.A.G. goals are for 2015.




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