2 Great Texture Resources

Have you ever looked at a design and just thought there was something to it that really made it stand out? Take a look at these two logo examples.





Do you notice a difference? Yes, it’s the texture. See how much texture can alter a design? It can either really add to a design or take away from it. Because textures are really great resources for designers, we wanted to provide you with a great resource to download free textures. It is called textures.com. It used to be known as CG Textures, but recently changed its name to be just Textures. This website is great to find various textures for your next design project. Check them out!


Another great resource is pixabay.com. This website has some great CC0 images and if you search textures there are some useful ones. Also, if you never saw this post of more CC0 image sites then check them out as well! There are plenty of options for textures there, too.


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