top tech hacks for college students

17 Tech Hacks To Help You Get Through College

Who doesn’t love a great hack?

I know I do. We’ve searched the web and found some great hacks that college students can immediately try out and enhance daily processes.

Phone Hacks

Easy Schedule

cell phone class scheduleAt the start of every semester, you always forget where your classes are and when they start. This is a really easy way to remember your schedule and be able to look at it quickly. Just take a picture of your schedule and save it as your background on your phone.


[line] Easy Ruler

cell-phone-rulerDo you measure things a lot? Maybe you find yourself needing a ruler in frequently in class, but don’t want to carry one around.

Just take a picture of a ruler and you’re good to go! You can put it as your background if you want, but it still works as a normal picture in your photo stream.[clear]


[line]Speaker Set

cell phone speaker systemNeed to add a little bump to your bass for cheap? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

  1. Get an empty toilet paper roll and cut a hole the size of your phone.
  2. Next, get two plastic cups and cut a hole in each one so that the TP roll can fit one on each end of it.
  3. Voila you now have some pretty loud speakers!

Now they’re not as good as Bose, but it is still pretty good. Definitely will save you some money.


[line]Phone Holder

Are the plugins in your room in weird locations? Do you get frustrated that it makes charging your phone more difficult than it needs to be? You’ll be able to solve that problem with this hack.

Get a plastic cup you don’t want, preferably empty.

  1. Start cutting it in half around the middle.
  2. Once you are 60 -75% cut though, start cutting upwards.
  3. You should now have a smaller cup with a backboard. Cut a hole in the backboard the size of your plug in.

There you go. Put it over the plug, then plug in your charger and you’re done![clear]

[line]Cell Phone Macro Lens

As this image shows, it’s pretty simple to do this and appears to take some pretty decent up-close pictures.cell-phone-micro-lense[clear]


[line]Prevent Cord Destruction

Have you had to replace your laptop charger? They aren’t cheap! Who knew that a simple pen spring could be so useful?cord-saver[clear]




Laptop Hacks

Computer Stand

laptop-shelfWell now this is handy. Simply just find a large empty egg carrier, and place your laptop on it. That’s a simple, and cheap computer stand.[clear]


[line]Dirty Keyboard

laptop-sticky-note-cleanerNobody has time for a dirty keyboard!

Go get a sticky note and place the sticky end of the note between the keys. Slide it around the gaps to pick up all the dust.[clear]


[line]Wall Mount

tablet-wall-mountYes, this should probably only be used in conjunction with a tablet device and not a laptop.

Find some large command strips and place them in strategic locations where you want to watch stuff: bathroom, bedroom, and even the kitchen (also good to have recipes up while you cook).[clear]



Desk Hacks

These are all really good ideas, but combining them together would be AMAZING!!

Cord Organizer

cord-holderWith this you can easily keep your cords accessible and organized.


  1. Clip binder clips on to your desk.
  2. Slide a cord though the two prongs.
  3. Add a small rubber band if needed.


Now what if you can’t remember which cords go to what?[clear]

[line]Cord Labeler

cord-labelerI could find a lot ways to use this. If you use the previous hack with the cords you could put this on top and see which cords go to what.

You could also put this where you plug it in so when you have to unplug something you don’t have to follow the cord the whole way there to know which one is the right one.[clear]


[line]Lego Servants

lego-holderNot only is this one useful, it looks cool and stylish. I Personally would use it for my keys more than anything else, but that space Lego guy is pretty legit.

Think of the many other ways you could use this. Simply attach a Lego to anything you’d like and you’ve got it right there in front of you…ear buds, headphones, tools, toenail clippers etc.[clear]



Car Hacks

Increase Key Fob Range

key-fob-rangeThis totally works!! I don’t think you even have to have your month open for it to work. If your battery is getting low on your key fob, then this is a must-do hack.[clear]


[line]Rubber Band Cell Phone Holder

cell phone holder in carDon’t have a phone holder? Who cares, use thing to keep you phone up where you can see it and drive safer!

All you really need is a rubber band and some skills to place the rubber band around the vent.[clear]



Life Hacks

Remote Velcro Holder

velcro-remotesThis would have been nice to know when I was in Elementary school and the struggle was real when I couldn’t find the remote! This is easy to do and you could make it look really classy.[clear]


[line]More Netflix Movies

netflix-moviesWhat is college without Netflix?

With this hack you can watch Netflix from other countries and watch more movies that aren’t available on the US version. See instructions in the image.[clear]


Potato Peeler on Steroids

Finally, this is my favorite one! I can’t wait to try this. Thanksgiving will be prepared so much faster this year thanks to this crazy Russian.

Think of all the hours you will save peeling potatoes! You could trade those hours in for pie eating!

There you have it. How awesome are these hacks! Did we miss some of your favorite hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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