15 Rock Star Digital Marketing Professors

Here at Stukent we are privileged to work with a lot of amazing professors.

We’ve found 15 that are complete rock stars in what they do – teach younger generations about digital marketing.

This is no easy task. With how fast digital marketing trends change, someone who is responsible for teaching the topic must be on top of their game, all of the time.

We’re lucky enough to have a handful of these professors share some of their “secrets” with us.

Let’s show these amazing professors some love!

Elaine Young

University: The Stiller School of Business at Champlain College

Burlington, Vermont

Title: Digital and Social Media Marketing Professor

Bio: Elaine Young is a Digital and Social Media Marketing Professor at the Stiller School of Business and at Champlain College. Her experience is in interactive, digital and social media marketing techniques, strategies and tools in marketing, public relations, and media relations. Her experience has helped give her the appreciation for the importance of teaching students how to engage with the communities they are in.

Rock Star Advice: “Real world-class projects and staying current with industry trends would be the main reasons I’ve been able to teach Digital Marketing for so long. Structuring a course around projects where students can apply their classroom learning to conduct digital audits and make strategic recommendations to actual businesses keeps the course interesting for the students and for me. It also allows me to insert new content without feeling bound in by a textbook. I read and share content all the time and model for my students how they will have to stay current once they graduate. Follow us on Twitter at #ccmkt350 to see how we interact.”

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Marshall Sponder

University: Baruch College and Ruters University

New York, New York

Title: FT Lecturer at Baurch College, Adjunct Instructor, Ruters University, CEO of WebMetricsGuru INC

Bio: Marshall Sponder is a full time Lecturer at Baruch College where he teaches Web Analytics, Web Intelligence and Advanced Marketing Automation. He is also an adjunct professor at Rutgers University where he teaches Social Media and the Arts Coursework. Marshall develops and teaches hybrid courses for Rutgers, Baruch College, and Fashion Institute of Technology. His course on Social Media for the Arts has gone viral at Rutgers attracting hundreds of students each semester. He has founded WebMetricsGuru INC to help organizations understand, use, and scale web intelligence.

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Irene Dickey

University: Dayton

Dayton Ohio

Title: Lecturer of Marketing

Bio: Irene is a marketing educator and consultant at the University of Dayton. She also is the study abroad faculty coordinator. Irene is a contributing author of: Handbook of Research on Digital Media & Advertising/ User Generated Content Consumption, and co- author to the book Overview of Digital Media and Advertising, (chapter 1.) Irene specializes in digital marketing, branding, market research, and advertising.

Rock Star Advice: “Employers and students seem to find experiential learning to be key.  In addition to the simulation, I have begun to use the StuKent exercises contained in most chapters (such as developing linkbait pages for off-site SEO) and have created some of my own exercises / cases using some of the great free digital marketing tools such as Hubspot’s Blog Topic Tool and Marketing Grader.”

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Todd Bacile

University: Loyola University New Orleans

New Orleans

Title: Marketing Professor and owner at Bacile Marketing Research LLC

Bio: Todd Bacile is a Marketing Professor at Loyola University New Orleans, along with working on marketing and new media consulting projects. Todd is the owner of Bacile Marketing Research LLC. His expertise is in electronic marketing, SEO, social media, web business strategies, and online customer service.

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David Altounian

University: St. Edwards University

Austin Texas

Title: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Bio: David Altounian is a business school professor and a business leader. He teaches at St. Edwards University in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing. He has almost 30 years of experience in marketing and executive leadership roles in the technology fields. He has lead companies such as Dell, Motorola, and Motion Computing. David also has management experience running global businesses as well as new venture startup experience in the US and Europe.

Rock Star Advice: “As a long-term marketing professional and now full-time academic, I believe that understanding marketing theory is critical to the long-term success of marketing professionals, whether in the traditional or digital marketing domain.  Getting students to understand the concept of value creation and using digital methods for engaging and understanding the needs and expectations from customers as well as the paths to customer insight and intelligence to deliver high value to customers is a critical concept.  Just as importantly, the role of analytics, targeting, and optimizing customer acquisition costs is critical to capturing value for the organization.  I use the Stukent simulator to challenge students to understand the value expected from the customers and messaging, measuring, and modifying their approaches to drive higher revenue and lower costs.  Mapping time-tested marketing theory to digital approaches is crucial to ensuring that students can continue to grow with new methods and tools long after the course is complete.”

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Mel F Zuberi

University: John Fisher College NY


Title: Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing

Bio: Mel Zuberi is an Assistant Professor at St. John Fisher College in the Department of Management and Marketing. He teaches Marketing Concepts and Stragety, Business-to-Business Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Marketing Principles.

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Elena Bernard

University: Portland

Portland Oregon

Title: Professor of Marketing and Marketing Director for Government Contractors Resource Network

Bio: Elena Bernard is an associate professor of Marketing for the University of Portland. She also is the Marketing Director for Government Contractors Resource Network. Elena has three career passions that include teaching, growing small business, and marketing nonprofits. She enjoys helping out her students professional and personal growth. She specializes in marketing, strategy, branding, and digital marketing. She founded mymarketingprof.com—which is a resource website for marketing teachers.

Rock Star Advice: “I have learned over the years that there is no shame in admitting when you don’t know something. There is also no shame in learning from your students. I see my role in the classroom not as an all knowing guru but as a coach who is trying to help students help themselves become more knowledgeable and skilled.”

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Shaun Kanary

University: Baldwin Wallace University

Cleveland/Akron Ohio

Title: Marketing specialist in Inbound, Content and Digital Marketing Adjunct Marketing Professor and Speaker

Bio: Shaun is an Adjunct Marketing Professor at Baldwin Wallace University teaching Intro to Marketing and Advertising Management. He is an experienced marketer specializing in Inbound, Content, and Digital Marketing. He excels with eMarketing, especially web development, SEO, PPC, inbound marketing, and social media marketing.

Rock Star Advice: “Getting students excited about digital marketing for business starts with finding out what industries they are passionate about and then engaging them with role-playing lessons that put them as the digital marketer for those products/brands.? As simple as that sounds, when we move through our Stukent text, I challenge students to take what they have learned and develop their own strategies for the brand. The result is a more engaged student that gains a greater appreciation for using different areas of digital marketing to achieve important business objectives.”

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Ryan Langan

University: Willamette University

Salem Oregon

Title: Visiting Assistant Professor at Willamette University

Bio: Ryan Langan is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Williamette University. He studied at the University of South Florida in the College of Business Administration. His research interests include corporate social responsibility, consumer gratitude, corporate philanthropy, eWOM and reciprocity. He has worked in sports marketing for the LaCrosse Bobcats and the Portland Trailblazers.

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Debika Sihi

University: Southwestern University

Austin Texas

Title: Assistant Professor of Business

Bio: Debika is an assistant professor of business at Southwestern University. She earned her PhD from the Marketing department at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. Her research interests are in marketing metrics domain, and intersection of marketing and accounting. She is a certified public accountant, and has volunteer experience in fundraising and strategy development of non-profit organizations.

Rock Star Advice: “Stukent provides a fantastic foundation for students interested in digital strategy and online marketing. I often have the students read articles and empirical papers which relate to the topics in the text and build on that foundation. For example, the students read an article in The New Yorker titled “The Solace of Oblivion.” The article presented differences in the way the “right to be forgotten” on Google was viewed in Europe versus the United States. This generated a great class discussion connecting search engine results, social media, and online privacy. I often incorporate such readings or discussions into class so that students think critically about various implications of online strategy.”

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Lauren Labrecque

University: Loyola University Chicago


Title: Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing

Bio: Lauren Labrecque is an Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing at the Loyola University Chicago. She also is a Chicago Interactive Marketing Association, or CIMA, Professor. Lauren has over five years of experience in Internet Marketing. Her specialties include Digital and interactive marketing, sensory marketing, and branding.

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Rafic Sinno

University: University of Dubuque

Dubuque Iowa

Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing

Bio: Rafic Sinno is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Dubuque. He teaches a variety of courses of business and communication, which has led him to develop courses in web content and design, social media marketing, and web search and promotion. Rafic also established Sinno Communication, a family based business serving the Tri-State region with visual communication products and services.

Rock Star Advice: “Internet marketing is a dynamic and multidisciplinary field. As students explore it, they see how aspects of design, analytics, marketing, communication, psychology, computer science, information technology, ethics and culture help create the Internet, websites and apps we enjoy. Teaching Internet marketing is about inspiring students through purpose and passion. Purpose helps them navigate through the sea of data and tools at their disposal. Passion helps them constantly work towards optimizing their digital marketing campaigns to earn the impact they seek.”

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Richard Hanna

University: Babson College


Title: Assistant Professor at Babson College

Bio: Rich Hanna is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Babson College. He conducts research in consumer decision-making, technology usage, and ethics/leadership. His expertise includes marketing research, promotions, and digital marketing.

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Sterling Bone

University: Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Logan, Utah

Title: Associate Professor of Marketing

Bio: Sterling Bone is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Utah State University in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. His teaching is focused on strategic selling, account management, business development and marketing skills.

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Ann Root

University: Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, Florida

Title: Professor of Marketing

Bio: Ann Root teaches Marketing Management, Global Marketing, and Digital Marketing at Florida Atlantic University. Prior to that she taught at the University of Michigan, and Notre Dame. Her research interests are managerial decision making with the use of simulation games in marketing education.

Rock Star Advice: “A hands on experience with Digital Marketing is the key to great learning in my undergraduate class. The students all have Twitter accounts and we are using this to replace the discussion board found in typical university course management platforms. I either use a current event, a live guest speaker or the guest speaker sessions on the Stukent text to generate the discussion on Twitter.”

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