Creating a Principles of Marketing Class that Students Want to Attend

Shelly Zaldivar, Ph.D.

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Dr. Shelly Zaldivar is the department chair and graduate coordinator for the business department of Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU). She also teaches business and marketing courses and enjoys speaking opportunities within and outside the university. Additionally, Shelly is the program coordinator for the marketing program at SAGU. When available, she consults with businesses and church, ministry, and nonprofits on their marketing and leadership growth.


In most universities, the entry-level marketing course is a foundation, intro, or principles course with a mixed population of students and degrees. Most students take the course out of obligation rather than desire. However, every student can benefit from learning how to properly tell the story (advertising) to the right people (target market) at the right time (needs-based). So, how do you create a course that students see as beneficial? Join this session to learn more, including how to have your students say that group work was their favorite part of the class!