Mimic Professional Selling

The Most Current and True-to-life Professional Selling Simulation

Give students the real-world training that modern professional selling requires and employers demand

What Will Your Students Learn?

As part of the simulation, students will…

  • Analyze CRM data

  • Create matrices

  • Analyze customer profiles

  • Identify appropriate value propositions for different customer profiles

  • Prepare for and conduct discovery calls

  • Address customer needs

Why Use the Mimic Professional Selling Simulation?

The Easiest Way to Bring Real-World Experience into Your Sales Course

The Mimic Professional Selling simulation provides students hands-on educational experiences with important elements of professional selling in a fictitious scenario in which they take on the role of a business development representative at DataLocker, a data management software solution.

The student work consists of analyzing data, selecting value propositions for potential customers, and assisting coworkers with sales-related tasks. Students also practice customer interactions with product pitch scripts and two real-time discovery calls.

Analyze CRM Data

Create the Optimal Weekly Plan

Develop Prospecting Scripts

Hold a Virtual Discovery Call

Bundle the Mimic Professional Selling Simulation


  • Professional Selling: A Guide for the Modern Sales Professional courseware with 100+ instructor and student resources, including quizzes, videos, assignments, and more
  • The Mimic Professional Selling simulation

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