Advanced Selling Simternship™

Prepare Tomorrow’s Sellers for Success

An Immersive, Easy-to-Use Professional Selling Experience for Students

Give your students hands-on sales experience

In the Advanced Selling Simternship, students will work as account executives for SalesHub, a fictitious customer relationship management (CRM) company. Over 13 rounds, students will identify key stakeholders, build value propositions, plan sales cadences, create prospecting campaigns, hold discovery calls, resolve customer concerns, and more. Advanced Selling Simternship gives you a robust, engaging tool to train today’s students to be tomorrow’s professional sellers!

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13 rounds

provides your students with real skills


saves you preparation time

Complimentary material

Pairs with the "Advanced Selling and Sales Management" courseware


engages and tests students' retention

Instant feedback

comprehensive feedback each round

Why Use the Advanced Selling Simternship?

Advanced Selling Simulation/Simternship
Analyze key stakeholders from previous deals
Create and use a value proposition
Establish a sales cadence
Prospect via email and social media
Engage prospects in video emails and phone calls
Perform discovery calls using both SPIN and Challenger
Overcome prospect objections and complaints
Negotiate deals with various customers
Review resumes and CRM data
Review seller videos

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