Entrepreneurship: How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Business

Guide Your Students to Entrepreneurial Success

Help your students get ahead in business tomorrow by starting them in entrepreneurship today.

More than a Textbook

This is an entrepreneurship textbook and so much more. In this turnkey courseware, students will learn about the classic responsibilities of an entrepreneur, as well as emerging topics and best practices relevant to entrepreneurs today.

Success in business today is different from what previous generations experienced. The modern entrepreneur must meet many expectations in addition to tracking revenue, hiring and managing people, and navigating the supply chain.

Entrepreneurship Textbook

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Developing the Entrepreneurship Mindset

Chapter 2

Understanding Start-up Decisions

Chapter 3

Building a Brand

Chapter 4

Legitimizing Your Business

Chapter 5

Building Value Within a Brand

Chapter 6

Marketing and Selling Your Brand

Chapter 7

Managing the Business of Your Brand

Chapter 8

Managing Your Business’ Finances

Chapter 9

Expanding Your Business

Chapter 10

Analyzing Business Success

Key Learning Objectives

The “Entrepreneurship” courseware features an embedded narrative element. It invites students to apply what they learn as they provide feedback to Jasmine Abrams, a young entrepreneur who wants to start, scale, and grow her own business.

Throughout the course, your students will learn how to:

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Identify essential components of a brand

Explore how emotional intelligence impacts entrepreneurs

Articulate a brand story and unique value propositions

Apply different models to build a business

Manage business finances

Understand primary and secondary target markets

Apply billing and funding in a business venture

Explore how market research impacts business decisions

Identify how to expand service or product offerings

100+ Educator Resources

  • 10 lesson plans
    • Comprehensive for multiple modalities
    • Includes flipped classroom formats
  • 10 lecture slide decks
  • 10 case studies
  • 126 essay questions
  • Quiz banks
  • Worksheets
  • Assignments
  • Class projects and journal prompts
  • 1 cumulative project
  • 8-week and 16-week sample syllabi and course schedules
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Keeping Content Current

The media and materials included with the entrepreneurship textbook and courseware make it an in-depth teaching tool. And the content is updated yearly so you can be sure you’re teaching up-to-date principles.

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Support for Students

Our Virtual TAs simplify the learning process for students and educators. Anyone who uses Stukent courseware automatically has access to Stukent Virtual TAs to answer any courseware and technical-specific inquiries.

The Entrepreneurship Bundle

The “Entrepreneurship” courseware pairs seamlessly with the Entrepreneurship Simternship™, a real-world simulation that puts students in the pilot seat of starting, growing, and scaling their own business.

Whether students find themselves wanting to work for a company or are thinking about starting businesses of their own, “Entrepreneurship: How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Business” will help them prepare for a successful entrepreneurship career.

Entrepreneurship Textbook and Entrepreneurship Simulation

About the Authors

Dr. Jen Riley

Dr. Jen Riley

Dr. Jen Riley is an Assistant Professor of Sales at Purdue University, where she specializes in both Sales and Marketing, and studies the intersection of technology in Professional Sales. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Riley was an award-winning entrepreneur and corporate marketing consultant. She is passionate about entrepreneurship education and loves finding innovative ways to engage students and help them discover their passions and talents.

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper has taught hundreds of college students in digital marketing as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Before founding Stukent Inc., Draper founded the successful digital marketing agency Get Found First. He has hired, trained and mentored dozens of college students as online marketing interns and employees.

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Lecture Slide Decks
Essay Questions

Quiz banks


Comprehensive lesson plans for multiple modalities, including a flipped classroom format

Lecture slides

Assignments, class projects and journal prompts 

Updated every year

with lifetime access for students

100+ resources

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