Mimic Social: High School

The World’s First Social Media Marketing Simulation

The World’s First Social Media Marketing Courseware for High Schools

What's New to Mimic Social?


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What is Mimic Social – Beta?

After listening to valuable feedback from social media marketing instructors and experts, Mimic Social is preparing for its biggest update ever!

What is New in Mimic Social – Beta?

  • Post optimization using ad objectives for paid social posts
  • Students practice social listening and interact with customers
  • Advanced social analytics and metrics reporting
  • Fresh interface and interactions

How Do I Access Mimic Social – Beta?

The current Mimic Social Simulation will still be available. Instructors will have the choice to use both or either simulation in class until June 25, 2022. If you currently use Mimic Social, talk to your Customer Success Manager about using the beta version for FREE in class!

Key Learning Objectives

  • Create and schedule ads for both organic and paid social posts

  • Measure key performance indicators for tracking social media marketing success

  • Perform demographic targeting to increase engagement and drive conversions

  • Utilize content variation and test different promotional strategies

  • Conduct data analysis to optimize performance across multiple social media channels

  • Test social media content and promotions to increase engagement and drive conversions

  • Manage an advertising budget

  • Practice social listening and engaging with consumers


Give your students the opportunity to learn social media marketing best practices in a simulated real-world work environment.
No other alternative courseware allows your students to experience working with tens of thousands of dollars in social ad spend.
Experience the world’s first social media marketing simulation in your class today! 

Create and Schedule Organic Social Media Posts

Optimize Posts Using Ad Objectives for Paid Social Posts

Practice Social Listening and Interact With Customers

Conduct Data Analysis To Optimize Performance