Mimic Public Speaking

Powerful Strategies for Public Speaking Success

Prepare High School Students to Command an Audience’s Attention

Hands-on Public Speaking Experience

with the Mimic Public Speaking simulation

Stukent’s Public Speaking simulation gives your students a platform to practice key public speaking skills outside of class, giving you more time to teach in class!

Over 11 rounds,

Students will ideate, compose, and record various types of presentations while practicing to deliver a speech at a major event.

The simulation asks students to deliver

With so many great features, Stukent’s Public Speaking simulation makes it easy to turn students into powerful, professional public speakers!

Key Objectives for Mimic Career Readiness​

Here are some of the concepts your students will learn from this simulation, preparing them for college and careers in marketing.

Identify personal speech habits to increase confidence

Dissect the speech communication process

Model the ethics of public speaking

Apply elements of speech writing

Develop effective oral delivery techniques

Develop strategies to control apprehension and anxiety

Develop critical listening and evaluative skills

Conduct peer and self-reviews

Respond to questions about public speaking and communication

High School All-access Pass

The High School All-access Pass gives teachers access to not only the Mimic Career Readiness Simulation but all 12+ simulations and courseware offered by Stukent.

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