Career Readiness Simulation

Prepare, Practice, Peer Review, Present Professionally

Give your high school students a hands-on learning experience with professional communication skills for any step of their career.

Stukent's Career Readiness Simulation

Welcome to the Career Readiness Simulation, a simulation that gives your high school students hands-on, educational experiences with important career preparation skills. In this simulation, they will take on the role of a student, who is working with their school's career center to land a job after graduation.

Key Objectives for the Career Readiness Simulation

Here are some of the concepts your students will learn from this simulation, preparing them for college and careers.

Identify references and craft messages to them

Dissect job descriptions and apply results to job search activities

Create resumes and cover messages

Prepare for and participate in employment interviews

Create post-interview messages

Explore professionalism and communication best practices

Construct a personal pitch

Conduct peer and self-reviews

Respond to questions about business communication and career readiness


Curriculum Includes

Assignments & Quizzes

Round by Round


Round 1

Secure References

Round 2

Analyze Job Descriptions

Round 3

Create a Resume & Cover Message

Round 4

Prepare for an Interview

Round 5


Round 6

Prepare for a Job

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