Digital Marketing Simternship™

High School Digital Marketing Simulation

The World’s First Digital Marketing Simternship™ for High Schools

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  • Strategic Keyword Research
  • Creating High-Converting Landing Pages
  • Measuring Key Performance Indicators
  • Product and Pricing

Digital Marketing Simternship™

10 Reasons to Use Mimic Digital 

1 – Gain practical mastery of marketing theory.

2 – Practice with thousands of simulated ad dollars.

3 – Create and optimize simulated pay-per-click campaigns.

4 – Prepare students for the real world.

5 – Learn by trial and error without the pressure of losing real money.

6 – Develop A/B testing and conversion rate optimization.

7 – Do keyword research and plan bid strategies.

8 – Analyze significant keyword and conversion data sets.

9 – Launch multiple email campaigns.

10 – Set up classroom competitions so students can see how they’re performing.


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