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High school is a critical time

to teach students about personal finance


Personal Finance Simulation

The Stukent Personal Finance Simulation adds real-world opportunity costs to students’ financial decisions, which means the simulation affects students’ circumstances in class.

This simulation helps students learn to set and achieve personal financial goals, create and follow a monthly budget, understand wages and employment benefits, improve a credit score, purchase assets, invest in the stock market, and so much more.

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Thanks to our generous partners throughout the country, thousands of high school students in the United States are learning the personal finance skills they need for lifelong success.

As a sponsor, you will have the unique opportunity to build relationships with local schools and students as well as foster financial literacy in your community.


Partnering with Stukent is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Identify the Area(s) to Sponsor

No one knows your customers as well as you do! Select which school districts or regions you would like to sponsor, or areas where your contribution might have the greatest impact.


Outreach and Onboarding

Our business development team contacts eligible schools in your selected area(s) to inform them of your generous contribution. Next, we present the Stukent Personal Finance simulation to teachers and explain its benefits. You won’t receive an invoice until a school commits to using Stukent’s Personal Finance simulation.


Promotion and Marketing

To highlight your contribution, our marketing team will create a complete media package tailored to your needs and brand voice. We have a wide variety of tools to highlight your organization, including television advertisements, in-person events, social media marketing campaigns, press releases, and more.


Stukent’s Personal Finance simulation gives students relevant, hands-on experience with important financial literacy concepts. This simulation doesn’t just gamify personal finance principles, it real-lifes them, giving each student a differentiated learning experience.

Students receive a salary every Monday, which they allocate to living expenses, bills, and major purchases such as real estate and healthcare. Bills are due every Friday.

Additionally, students can use their discretionary funds to purchase in-class perks, such as desk locations, bathroom passes, and flashcards for exams.

But students need to be prudent with their money! At the end of the simulation, students need to have invested enough in their grades to earn a good score.

Stukent’s Personal Finance simulation gives students relevant, hands-on experience with important financial literacy concepts. This simulation doesn’t just gamify personal finance principles, it real-lifes them, giving each student a differentiated learning experience.

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Personal Finance Curriculum

This simulation creates an in-class economy system that teaches students everything from loans to credit scores, insurance, and investments. Stukent Personal Finance Curriculum is a great resource that makes financial concepts real for students in an engaging and informative way.


This Is the ONLY Personal Finance Simulation that Asks Students to:

Practice impactful,
decision-based learning

Make financial decisions that
are personally meaningful

Make financial decisions that
are personally meaningful

Make financial decisions that
are personally meaningful


Do I have to contact the schools and/or teachers?

No. Stukent has a dedicated team that will contact schools and teachers on your behalf. We handle everything from product training to scheduling in-person class visits. Additionally, sponsorship allows you to build and deepen your relationships with local schools. We ensure that teachers and students know about your generous donation and how to take advantage of the opportunity it provides them.

As a sponsor, will I have the opportunity to participate in classroom visits?

Absolutely! When you sponsor a school, we work with teachers to feature you as a guest speaker in their classrooms. Sponsorship is a unique opportunity for sponsors and students alike, as it allows you to build your brand, connect with students, and teach valuable lessons on financial literacy.

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Thanks to generous sponsors like Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU), Sun East Federal Credit Union, and First United Bank, thousands of high school students from around the nation are able to learn necessary…

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Partnering with Stukent to sponsor financial literacy courseware is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

You identify your customer base.

No one knows your customers like you.
You identify the area(s) or region(s) you most want to impact and connect with.

Stukent identifies the schools that would benefit from Mimic Personal Finance.

Mimic Personal Finance is a game-changer when it comes to financial literacy. It gives teachers world-class tools to engage their students and improve the financial health of an entire generation. Our business development team identifies every school in your customer area and personally reaches out to each one about your sponsorship.

Stukent tells EVERYONE how you are giving back.

When you partner with Stukent to invest in your customers, we make sure people know about it. We create a complete PR package that’s unique to your company and the customers you care about. From press releases and community events to social media marketing and co-branding, we have a wide variety of tools to ensure your contributions are recognized and appreciated.

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Mimic Personal Finance: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Finance


Mimic Personal Finance uses decision-theory learning to teach students the basic principles of financial literacy in a simple and powerful way. 

Mimic Personal Finance is the ONLY simulation that lets students:

  • Practice decision-based learning
  • Make real-world financial choices
  • Go beyond theory to application
  • Experience real, in-class consequences

How Mimic Personal Finance Works


​Students start with budgets to track and basic bills to pay. Academic performance in class determines if they earn raises to their salaries or lose income.

Assets & Liabilities

​Students develop credit scores based on in-class behavior and simulation decisions. The scores allow them to take on liabilities and purchase assets like cars and housing.

Income Growth

Students can explore other sources of income such as starting a business in class, taking a second job, or investing in the stock market.

Life Happens

Just like the real world is full of the unknown, students experience unexpected events that influence their finances within the class.

Buying Grades

By applying budgeting skills, students regularly purchase their Mimic Personal Finance score that can then be factored in as part of their total grade in class.