A Mission that Matters

Help Educators Help Students Help The World

No matter what kind of educator you are
— adjunct, high school teacher, lecturer, or tenured professor —
Stukent is on a mission to help you help students help the world.

We develop first-in-the-world Simternships™ and annually updated courseware to revolutionize the way you teach. Our materials are turnkey, easy to implement, and backed by industry best practices and instructional design theory.

We’re not just here to help you teach a course, we’re here to help you teach your best course.

The Stukent Story

Stukent started in a classroom just like yours. When first-time adjunct professor Stuart Draper sat down to create a digital marketing course, he quickly found that academic publishing hadn’t kept up with his industry.
Stuart realized education needed to change —

it needed to be more current, more engaging, and more focused on student employability.

Inc 5000 Announcement

Stukent’s explosive growth over the last decade indicates how timely our instructional model and materials are: We’ve made the Inc. 5000 list six years in a row, helped tens of thousands of educators teach their best course, and prepared nearly a million students with work-integrated, simulation-based learning.

We’re not a publisher, we’re your partner in creating life-changing learning experiences for your students. Let’s transform education together.

People with Passion

To innovate, we collaborate.
Our call for change in education has drawn some of the industry’s best and brightest to our cause.

Entrepreneur. Edtech innovator. Educator. Stuart Draper saw a need in higher education and acted upon it, creating Stukent to bring simulation-based learning and up-to-date instructional materials into classrooms all over the world. 

Today, Stuart leads the company as founder— not only does he set our course, but he champions the company’s mission, vision, and sterling culture. 

Rafi Seddiqi brings a wealth of experience in e-learning platforms to the Stukent team. Over the last decade, Rafi helped build world-class learning platforms for Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning. Now, Rafi works to develop the next generation of e-learning platforms to accelerate Stukent’s mission to help educators help students help the world. 

A true force of nature, Liz Wildes brings two decades’ worth of experience in executive sales in higher education to the Stukent team. Liz leads our marketing, branding, and customer success and support teams with her dynamic, incisive leadership skills and customer-centric mindset. She elevates everything we do, bringing a new level of professionalism to the company.

Mike Andrus has been with Stukent since the company’s inception. As an experienced financial professional with a rich background in guiding early-stage, venture, and private equity-backed companies, Mike brings invaluable insights to Stukent. With his leadership, the company continues its mission to revolutionize education for the higher education and high-school markets. 

Brady Adams’ zest for life inspires everyone around him. A clear-sighted leader with nearly a decade of experience in edtech, Brady manages the team of instructional designers, portfolio managers, writers, and editors who develop Stukent’s Simternships and courseware. Few people embody our mission to help educators help students help the world quite as passionately as Brady does.

Warm, funny, and dynamic, Kevin Sumter brings twenty years of experience in managing sales teams and territories to Stukent. Now, he leads a vibrant group of course consultants who take Stukent’s mission to campuses all across the country. Kevin works to develop lasting relationships with educators and industry professionals alike, helping to transform the landscape of high school and higher education.

A cornerstone of the Stukent team, Hailey Voorhies does more than keep the company on track — she’s coauthored one of our courseware, too! Hailey oversees Stukent’s human resources, operational management, and facilities management, making her one of the busiest (and yet most dependable) people at Stukent. 

Innovative Ideas

Stukent Innovation Partners are passionate advocates for education.
These industry educators, subject matter experts, and thought leaders help us create our
Simternships, courseware, and other resources.

Authors bring our courseware to life — they’re educators and industry experts who write authoritative texts, create engaging assignments, build embedded interactions, and more. Our authors often function as subject matter experts for our Simternships, too!

Stukent subject matter experts guide the work on our Simternships — they give our product and development teams insights into their fields, helping us develop authentic, true-to-life experiences for your students.

Our peer reviewers evaluate our courseware and Simternships, ensuring that your materials aren’t just engaging and effective, but that they’re also current with industry trends and strategies.

We subject Stukent Simternships and courseware to rigorous testing and continuous iteration, relying on focus groups and in-classroom testing to ensure you get high-quality instructional materials.

Our Core Values

Our core values aren’t just words on the wall, they’re the foundation for our success.
They provide our team with common cultural ground and establish expectations for personal and professional conduct.

Good Humor

We laugh at our mistakes, promoting humility and positivity.


We always look for ways to improve
and discover our potential.


Even if we experience a setback,
we find a way to move forward.


We have integrity in our behaviors and actions with our coworkers and customers.


We meet deadlines, complete tasks,
and uphold commitments.


We strive to bring our best selves to work every day.


We lift others up and learn from
the mistakes we make.


We ask for help, admit our mistakes,
and focus on the needs of others.


We express our appreciation and
return acts of kindness.

Our Causes

Stukent advocates for financial literacy education in high schools. We partner with credit unions all over the country to provide students with access to the Stukent Personal Finance Simulation, a powerful tool to help students build their financial literacy skills.

Our team lobbies state legislatures to include financial literacy in statewide graduation requirements, helping to prepare more students for adulthood.

Additionally, Stukent partners with the Televerde Foundation to provide the Personal Finance Simulation to currently and formerly incarcerated women, helping to break the cycle of recidivism and end generational poverty.

In 2018, Stukent gave scholarships to 10 Beninese students to attend the VELI Institute, or the van Duyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute. One of the students who received a Stukent scholarship was Clarisse Sohouenou, a young entrepreneur who wanted to start Children Educ, a non-governmental organization (NGO) aimed at improving the lives of children in Benin.

In 2023, Stukent provided 90,000 meals for students in Children Educ, paid for six teachers’ salaries, and provided clothing for an additional 350 students.