Our Causes

In addition to creating and providing exceptional courseware, Stukent pursues other avenues to fulfill its mission to help educators help students help the world.

Stukent Pledges $4 Million in Grants to High Schools for Personal Finance Courseware

To further the goal of increasing financial literacy in young adults, Stukent is offering $4 million in grant money to provide personal finance courseware entirely free to 2,000 high schools nationwide.

The Mimic Personal Finance simulation connects simulated decision-making with real results, creating an environment where students’ choices dictate the learning experience.

So far, Stukent has given


in grants for personal finance courseware.

In addition, Stukent is partnering with Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) to provide each Idaho high school with a $10,000 grant to receive Mimic Personal Finance free for five years.

Stukent hopes to partner with more legislators and financial institutions in the near future to enable more schools to teach personal finance with this one-of-a-kind tool.

Stukent Travels, Teaches, and Donates to Help 1,000+ Students in Africa

"I truly believe that education helps solve the poverty problem, but if you don’t have entrepreneurs who are starting businesses and creating jobs, then it doesn’t matter if you’ve educated them, because there’s no work to do."

In the United States, a college degree is seen as a ticket to a better paying job. Sadly, that is not the case in Benin, Africa.

Although they have spent years in school, new college graduates in Benin face limited employment opportunities. According to UNDP Africa, over 67 percent of Beninese ages 15-35 will not find paid employment, including many who hold college degrees. Even those who do find employment will often settle for jobs well below their skill level. In fact, over 80 percent of Benin is underemployed.

Stukent wants to help change that.

In November 2019, Stukent CEO Stuart Draper went to Benin to join forces with the van Duyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (VELI) in helping aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to create their own business opportunities in Benin.

In 2018, Stukent put 10 students through the institute, and in 2019, Stukent increased its donation to $20,000. This donation is providing full tuition for 50 additional students. Stukent also provides free courseware for all VELI students to help them learn how to use social and digital marketing to grow their businesses.

The VELI organization helps young entrepreneurs and college students by acting as “a training center, a micro-financing center and a business incubator.” Students first learn English and are then taught business and leadership skills.

Learn about more initiatives we’re passionate about

Continuing Professional Development Grants

In 2020 Stukent will give 6 grants to attend conferences and 12 grants to conduct research to help educators be the best they can be.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2019

Stukent hosted a week-long giveaway for educators. We awarded $500 in Starbucks, Amazon, Uber, and Barnes & Noble gift cards, and the grand prize winner received a $1,000 cruise voucher.

Entrepreneur of the Year Scholarship

Inspired by Stuart Draper’s desire to encourage budding entrepreneurs, six applicants received $500 to start their businesses, as well as an hour of consulting with Draper, CEO, and Trevor Erikson, CMO of Stukent.

High School CTE Grant Program

Qualifying schools can receive $500 or more toward Stukent courseware. The accompanying proof of savings helps high school teachers to receive CTE funding.