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Steven Stromp

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Steven Stromp is the executive director of market intelligence and strategy at Davenport University headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this role, he provides market insights about the higher education landscape to help drive strategic decision-making. He recommends the development of new instructional programs as well as changes to current programming. As a member of the strategic planning coordinating team, Steven leads various functions of the strategic planning council, including moderating planning and strategy sessions. Throughout his career, Steven has gathered intelligence and provided strategy for a variety of industries, including healthcare, consumer packaged goods, automotive, and higher education. In a former role at Spectrum Health, one of the largest health systems in the nation, he managed projects focused on branding, communication strategy, and new service line development. In his work for an international research consulting firm, Steven was responsible for managing all phases of research and providing strategic recommendations. Clients he served included Kellogg’s, ConAgra, Bush’s Baked Beans, Miller Brewing Company, General Motors, National Heritage Academies, GE, Tropicana, and others. Steven teaches courses in strategy, business and marketing research, communications, and marketing. He is also the author of Stukent’s “Market Research Essentials” and “Business Research Essentials.” Steven holds an MBA with a concentration in strategic management.


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Here are key times to watch if you’re strapped for time:

  • Reasons to consider the courseware: 15:20-23:40
  • Breakdown of courseware chapters: 25:13-40:20
  • Explanation of assignments: 40:37-44:00
  • Description of case studies: 44:00-44:55
  • Explanation of the course project: 45:00-47:12