Essentials of Social Media Marketing Updates Webinar 2020

Michelle Charello

Slide Deck


Michelle Charello, author of Essentials of Social Media Marketing, currently serves as Vice President of Marketing at an innovative Energy as a Service organization. In this capacity, Michelle is responsible for leading the marketing strategies to help energy-intensive private- and public-sector organizations unlock ambitious energy transformations. Prior to this role, Michelle spent over a decade in various global and North America marketing and communication roles for a Fortune 500 company — where she was known as a marketing expert, strategic thinker, and self-starter. Her professional highlights include holding a leadership role in an integrated marketing transformation, growing a global top 60 CEO’s social media followers by 260,000+, and managing an international online education program with 800,000 users. Michelle taught digital marketing at Bryant University as an adjunct faculty member, holds an MBA from Texas A&M University and a B.S. from Bryant University.


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