Paula Waldruff

December 9, 2020 9:00 pm Published by

We switched over to the Modern Marketing Principles textbook and the video case studies last semester. The appeal for me was the video case studies and how they allowed students to participate in “real-world” marketing experiences where they used creative thinking to solve problems. I was very excited about this learning experience. I also utilized the assignments included in the textbook, and these were great learning experiences for the students also. I asked my students to do a reflection at the end of the semester so that I could understand directly from them how they felt about the coursework. Every student commented that they enjoyed the case studies because they felt like they were working for a real company that needed them to provide solutions. Some students stated that there were a few case studies that were very challenging for them, but they liked being challenged in this format. In my opinion, each of my students went above and beyond on their case studies and I believe that this was a direct result of the enjoyment they got from working on them. This next semester I will be implementing the new simulation that goes the textbook and I am very excited about this. Thanks for another great product Stukent!