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At Stukent, we build the tools you need to modernize business education for today’s dynamic industries. From proprietary Simternships™ that allow your students to step into real-world professional roles to cutting-edge courseware that reduces your preparation time, our tools help you turn an ordinary curriculum into an extraordinary educational experience.

Resources to Help Educators Teach with Ease

Stukent courseware takes the textbook to the next level. We pair an accessible, annually-updated digital text with educational resources built with your classroom in mind.


Every Stukent courseware is developed for educators, by educators. Your resources are always backed by current pedagogical techniques and practices.


Robust Instructor Resources

Our authors pack each courseware with hundreds of educational resources, including ready-made lesson plans, lecture slide decks, auto-graded quizzes, course calendars, case studies, and more.


Updated Annually

Our authors and subject matter experts update their courseware every spring, keeping your curriculum current with industry’s latest trends, strategies, and best practices.


Auto-graded Quizzes

Our courseware features auto-graded chapter quizzes and assignments to reduce the time you spend grading.


Integrate Stukent into your LMS to receive updates to your courseware and Simternships automatically. You’ll also enjoy the added benefits of single sign-on, rostering, deep linking, and score syncing.

Hands-on Experience to Help Students Prepare for the Workforce

Take the hassle out of hands-on learning with Stukent Simternships™ and certifications!


Expand Students’ Internship Experiences

Whether students are marketing, business, communications, or accounting majors, they can participate in a Simternship in a new field or specialization and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Easy Enrollment

Stukent Simternships make it easy to invite, enroll, and monitor your students’ progress via LMS integration and the Stukent Instructor Portal.

A Semester-long Experience

A Simternship program typically lasts for one semester, allowing students to gain months of experience in a short amount of time.

Role-specific Training

Each Simternship provides hands-on training that immerses a student in the day-to-day tasks. Your students can step into the positions of marketing managers, PR officers, SEO specialists, and more.

Real-world Projects

A Simternship includes real-world projects that are designed to be challenging, yet achievable.

Auto-graded Sections

Simternships integrate seamlessly with your curriculum and feature auto-graded sections to help you assess your students’ progress.

For more information on how these simulations can transform your classroom,
please see our Simternships page.

Industry-vetted Certifications

Stukent’s certifications are 80-question, industry-vetted evaluations approved by tech experts from Google, HubSpot, and more. These certifications are FREE with every purchase of applicable courseware.

• Learners must score 80 percent or higher to pass
• Instructors can allow students to retake the exam after seven days
• Certificates auto-populate in students’ accounts
• Certificates are good for two years

An Impact that Helps the World

Stukent isn’t a publisher, we’re your partner in creating educational experiences that last a lifetime.
Together, we can prepare students to make an impact from their first day on the job.