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Strategic Management Webinar

Friday, April 7, 2023 at 2 p.m. EDT

A panel discussion led by Steven Stromp
with Dr. Raj Shea and Cyndi Williams

Strategic managers don’t always perform the research themselves, but they should clearly understand what research to request and how to interpret the results.

Strategic management students struggle to understand how to leverage the data gained from research to make sound strategic decisions. This discussion will explore best practices for teaching students about the research strategic managers typically use to form sound strategies.

The panel will discuss how the following topics are implemented in the industry and the best ways to teach them to students:

  • Using KPIs to identify areas requiring strategic intervention

  • Using internal research to support strategy

  • Using market intelligence to support strategy

Steven Stromp is the author of the “Strategic Management and Planning” courseware.

Meet the Panelists

Steven Stromp

Steven Stromp

Steven Stromp is the executive director of market intelligence and strategy at Davenport University headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Throughout his career, Steven has gathered intelligence and provided strategy for a variety of industries, including healthcare, consumer packaged goods, automotive, and higher education.

In his work for an international research consulting firm, Steven was responsible for managing all phases of research and providing strategic recommendations.

Cyndi Williams

Cyndi Williams

Cyndi Williams is the founder and CEO of Wanderlust Campus. She is a travel industry expert, advocate, and growth consultant, top travel industry motivational speaker, TV show and podcast host.

Cyndi received the Vanguard award from CLO Magazine, the CUBIC award, and multiple Magellan awards for her work in training and development. Her YouTube channel was named in the “Top 20 Travel Channels on YouTube,” and is the number one channel for Travel entrepreneurs in the world. She has been featured as an expert on every major media outlet: CBS, NBC, BBC, FOX, ABC, HuffPost, and Travel Weekly.

Dr. Raj Shea

Dr. Raj Shea

Dr. Shea is a trade compliance professional with extensive expertise in trade compliance focusing on export controls for the high-tech sector. He has worked with the NASA Ames Research Center in various capacities.

Dr. Shea has an MBA in International Marketing from the Business School of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a DBA from the Advanced Institute of Management in Nylon, Switzerland. He teaches Strategic Management at California State University, East Bay.