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Research Sample Size Calculator

The sample size of a study tells researchers how many respondents should be surveyed so that a study is representative of the target market. Finalized sample sizes are used as quotas in survey research studies. This calculator includes the instructions for each step necessary to determine an appropriate sample size for a research study. 

To better understand the sample size calculator, take a closer look at the formula

A sample size formula is used to take into account the confidence level, confidence interval, and target population size. The result of the formula is the number of respondents needed in order to meet the desired thresholds.

The formula on the right can be used to calculate a sample size by hand.

  • Population Size = N
  • Margin of Error = e (put in decimal form; for example, 5% = 0.05)
  • z-score = z (the z-score is the number of standard deviations a given proportion is away from the mean. For example, at the 95% confidence level, the z-score is 1.96)
Market Research Sample Size Formula

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