Mimic Analytics

A Marketing Analytics Simulation That’s the First of its Kind

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Extract and Transform Big Data in the Cloud

Mimic Analytics exposes students to first- and third-party data sets in the cloud. The files are unique and completely randomized. This gives students the chance to execute the ETL process in a real-world scenario.

Practice SQL, Python, R, and Excel

Mimic Analytics gives you the ability to teach analytics using major programming languages, including SQL, Python, and R. Additionally, you can use Excel with the simulation. Whatever the level or background of your students, Mimic Analytics can enrich their skills.

Implement A/B Testing

A/B testing is a critical component of data analysis. Mimic Analytics lets students design A/B tests for business intelligence and then analyze their results using R, Python, or Excel.

Perform Machine Learning Techniques

Mimic Analytics lets students run regression models on their data sets. They’ll make channel, message, and segmentation decisions inside the simulation based on these analyses.

Optimize Key Performance Indicators

Knowing which indicators to measure and improve can make or break your marketing efforts. Mimic Analytics helps students learn and identify key performance indicators, and teaches them how to optimize their ROI.


Solve real-world problems with real-world data

Mimic Analytics puts students in the driver’s seat of analyzing real-world data sets and solving real-world problems. This hands-on learning approach will get students prepared for their future job in the business world.

Manage a large-scale data management platform

Mimic Analytics lets students practice analysis and decision-making using data from multiple sources, including first-party data, third-party data, customer cookies and A/B testing results. Students will progress from small- to large-scale datasets as they progress in the simulation. Each round features new analytics tools for them to learn and practice using.

Make data-driven decisions based on results

Mimic Analytics trains students to make evidence-based decisions. They manage a marketing budget and adjust their approach in each round based on the analysis of the data. Data-driven decision making is emphasized and students are required to justify their strategy, account for their results, and adjust their strategy accordingly.