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What's In This Guide?

This guide contains general resources, tips, and tricks for making assignments and creating engagement and interaction with students online. Specific online engagement ideas for assignments and Video Case Studies are available in the Assignment Instructor Guides and Video Case Study Case Outlines. For some chapters, there are assignments available designed specifically with online teaching in mind.

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this Assignment Will Give You ...

More engagement from your students, making them think outside of the box.

More time to teach. We've done a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so now you can teach class the way you've always wanted.

Supplemental material to fill the gaps in your course. This assignment is free for you to use in conjunction with the courseware.

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All Stukent bundles are designed to make teaching a cohesive experience from start to finish, while conveniently saving you and your students time. 

Bundles include the Simternship™ and courseware that work hand-in-hand to provide an engaging learning experience. 

The up-to-date foundational theory and real-world experience is a powerful combination to prepare students to be successful in the growing job market