Modern Tools for Your Classroom: A Principles of Marketing Product Walk-through

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023  11:00AM EST​

Thank you to everyone who joined live! The recording will be available soon in our webinar library here.

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Get a marketing curriculum that stays current with the industry’s latest trends! In this event, the Stukent team will introduce you to a robust suite of resources for your classroom, including the “Modern Marketing Principles” courseware by Kinda Wilson and Jerry Rackley, the Stukent Marketing Principles Simulation, and the accompanying “Modern Marketing Principles” Video Case Studies.

With the Principles of Marketing Bundle, your students will get the hands-on experience they crave, while you get to enjoy a hassle-free semester with Stukent!



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If business is a chess match, then marketing is the queen. “Modern Marketing Principles” gives students a powerful foundation in the processes, value, and role of marketing. Updated each year, this courseware comes packed with engaging resources, such as lesson plans, real-world assignments, auto-graded quizzes, lecture slide decks, and more.



Stukent’s Marketing Principles Simulation gives students the opportunity to launch a new product for a fictitious company, Buhi Supply Co., where they will set pricing, make data-driven decisions, create promotions, manage ad spend, work with distributors, and more. This simulation gives students the experience they need to compete in tomorrow’s dynamic marketing environment.



The “Modern Marketing Principles” Video Case Studies jump-start classroom discussions, reinforce core marketing principles, and encourage students to think critically. Each short, engaging video asks students to solve marketing challenges for actual businesses, giving them on-the-job insights and perspectives.

About the Authors

Kinda Wilson

Kinda Wilson

Kinda Wilson is a marketing instructor at the Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business and at CIMBA Italy. Her marketing and business experience ranges from working with corporations and nonprofits to founding start-up companies. Wilson is a teacher at heart and is passionate about bringing these business and marketing concepts to life for her students. Her textbook Modern Marketing Principles and interactive case simulations are used by universities internationally, and she was recently awarded the 2021 Spears School of Business Online Teaching Award and the 2017 Excellence in Teaching/Training award by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

Jerry Rackley, MBA

Jerry Rackley, MBA

Rackley is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice and Assistant Department Head at the Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University. He recently earned his MBA in marketing with honors from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. His diverse marketing background includes 35 years of experience at some of the world’s largest companies as well as many start-up organizations. He continues to serve as a marketing consultant, which enables him to bring a rich, current, and practical marketing perspective into the classroom. Rackley is the author of "Marketing Analytics Roadmap: Methods, Metrics, and Tools." He resides in Stillwater, Oklahoma.