Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Public Relations?

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Ask Your Instructor about the Public Relations Bundle

Learn how to identify media channels, best practices, strategies, challenges, and opportunities to utilize for PR in the Public Relations Bundle.

The bundle consists of the “PR Principles” courseware, authored by industry and academic professionals, Jamie Ward and Alisa Agozzino, and Mimic Public Relations, the world’s first public relations simulation.

This digital text is updated annually to make sure that the content is always current and will prepare you for the workforce. The knowledge from this courseware will help you feel more confident with your PR knowledge and the skills that you will need to be successful in today’s industry.

The end of the simulation will give you your accomplishments that can easily be added as experience on your resume. You will already have experience being a PR Account Director, mastering media relations, crafting email pitches, writing press releases, implementing crisis communications, and so much more.