Introducing Stukent’s Digital Marketing Analytics Simternship™

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Set Your Students Apart in the Job Market with Stukent's Digital Marketing Analytics Simternship™

Add Real-world Skills to Your Students' Resumes

Stukent’s Digital Marketing Analytics Simternship™ gives students a chance to learn the critical skills they’ll need to stand out in the job market. What’s more, each round was reviewed and approved by industry experts.

What Will Your Students Learn?

After completing Stukent’s Digital Marketing Analytics Simternship™, students will be able to add the following skills to their resume:

  • Strategically prioritized digital marketing projects
  • Evaluated campaign ROIs and adjusted ad spending to maximize profits
  • Performed A/B testing to optimize web pages
  • Increased key website metrics, including clicks, conversions, order sizes, and more
  • Allocated budget to training and tools to increase campaign performance

Cut Down on Prep Time​

Spend less time preparing and grading and more time helping students build valuable skills. This unique simulation gives students hands-on experience, shortens the learning curve, and prepares them to compete in a growing job market.

Analyze, Make Decisions, and Learn

Stukent’s Digital Marketing Analytics Simternship™ is designed to help students master skills like A/B testing, website optimization, budget allocation, and more. After every round, students get personalized feedback and performance reports. What’s more, it’s done in a way that’s simple, digestible—and fun!

10 Reasons to Use Stukent's Digital Marketing Analytics Simternship™

  1. Engages students in real-world scenarios with robust data.
  2. Helps students apply and practice the digital marketing analytics framework in multiple scenarios.
  3. Gives students the opportunity to perform A/B testingoptimize digital marketing campaigns, and manage a budget.
  4. Auto-grades assignments and offers students personalized feedback.
  5. Works perfect for in-person or online instruction and a variety of class sizes.
  6. Allows instructors to customize the simulation to fit their students’ needs and schedule.
  7. Teaches students how to recognize vanity metrics and calculate campaign ROIs based on customer lifetime values.
  8. Exposes students to the role of a digital marketing analyst in a true-to-life workplace scenario.
  9. Includes weekly briefings from a fictitious boss.
  10. Pairs perfectly with the “Digital Marketing Analytics” e-textbook, which is updated twice a year.
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