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Social Media Marketing Bundle

Over 95% of Social Media Marketing Cluster topics are covered in the Social Media Marketing Bundle

Social Media simternship

Your students get hands on experience with the world's first social media marketing simulation, Social Media Simternship™

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North Carolina Schools Using Stukent Social Media Marketing Courseware

North Carolina's Marketing State Standards

Competency / Performance IndicatorStukent Courseware Match
NCCTE.2020.MM51 - MarketingMarketing Strategies - Chapter 1
NCCTE.2020.MM51.01.00 - Understand marketing, marketing functions, marketing mix components (4 P's), marketing strategies and tactics, target market identification, segmentation, the need for marketing research and data, and career opportunities in marketing.Marketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Section 4
Marketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Section Additional Readings
Marketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Project 2 - Determining Target Audience
NCCTE.2020.MM51.01.01 - Explain marketing and its importance in a global economyMarketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Section 1
NCCTE.2020.MM51.01.02 - Describe marketing functions and related activitiesMarketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Sections 1-3
NCCTE.2020.MM51.01.03 - Explain employment opportunities in marketingSocial Media Simternship™
Marketing Strategies - Chapter 2: Learning Activites - Section 4
NCCTE.2020.MM51.01.04 - Explain the concept of marketing strategiesSocial Media Simternship™
Marketing Strategies - Chapter 11: Section 1
NCCTE.2020.MM51.01.05 - Explain the concept of market and market identificationSocial Media Simternship™
Marketing Strategies - Chapter 11: Section 1
NCCTE.2020.MM51.01.06 - Describe the need for marketing dataSocial Media Simternship™
Marketing Strategies - Chapter 10: Section 3
NCCTE.2020.MM51.02.00 - Understand product/service management, branding, product life cycles, new product development, marketing of services, product positioning and the technological, legal, and ethical components of product/service management.Marketing Strategies - Video Case Study: Promotion
Mod Marketing - Chapter 2 & 6
Social Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.02.01 - Explain the nature and scope of the product/service management function.Marketing Strategies - Video Case Study: Promotion
Social Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.02.02 - Explain the concept of product mix.Marketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Section Learning Activites / Section 4: The Four P's of Marketing
Social Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.02.03 - Identify the impact of product life cycles on marketing decisionsSocial Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.02.04 - Explain business ethics and describe the use of technology in product/service management.Social Media Simternship™
Mod Marketing - Chapter 2
NCCTE.2020.MM51.03.00 - Understand promotion and types of promotion including selling and the technological, legal, and ethical components of promotion.Social Media Simternship™
Mod Marketing - Chapter 2 & 9
NCCTE.2020.MM51.03.01 - Explain the role of promotion as a marketing functionMarketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Section 4
Social Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.03.02 - Explain the types of promotionMarketing Strategies - Video Case Study: Promotion
Social Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.03.03 - Identify the elements of the promotional mix.Marketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Section 4
NCCTE.2020.MM51.03.04 - Explain the nature and scope of the selling functionSocial Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.03.05 - Explain the role of customer service as a component of selling relationshipsSocial Media Simternship™ - Customer interactions
NCCTE.2020.MM51.03.06 - Explain the selling processSocial Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.04.00 - Understand pricing and factors affecting pricing decisions including technological, ethical and legal considerations.Mod Marketing - Chapter 2 &11
NCCTE.2020.MM51.04.01 - Explain the nature and scope of the pricing functionMarketing Strategies - Chapter 1: Section 4
NCCTE.2020.MM51.04.02 - Describe the role of business ethics and legal considerations in pricingMod Marketing - Chapter 2 &11
NCCTE.2020.MM51.04.03 - Explain factors affecting pricing decisionsMod Marketing - Chapter 11
NCCTE.2020.MM51.05.00 - Understand channels of distribution and supply chain management and the technological, legal, and ethical components of channel management.
NCCTE.2020.MM51.05.01 - Explain the nature of channels of distributionMarketing Strategies - Chapters 4 - 9
Social Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.05.02 - Explain the nature and scope of channel managementMarketing Strategies - Chapters 4 - 9
Social Media Simternship™
NCCTE.2020.MM51.05.03 - Describe the use of technology in the channel management functionSocial Media Simternship™

Stukent Industry-Vetted Certification Included

The new Stukent Social Media Marketing Certification is an excellent way to help students build their resumes and show their expertise. The certification is a FREE add-on included with every purchase of the Social Media Marketing Bundle. 

The Stukent Social Media Marketing Certification includes:

  • 80-question exam
  • Official certificate of completion (print or digital copy)
  • Industry-vetted evaluation that’s been reviewed by professionals from Google, HubSpot, and more!
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Key Learning Objectives

  • Create and schedule ads for both organic and paid social posts

  • Measure key performance indicators for tracking social media marketing success

  • Perform demographic targeting to increase engagement and drive conversions

  • Utilize content variation and test different promotional strategies

  • Conduct data analysis to optimize performance across multiple social media channels

  • Test social media content and promotions to increase engagement and drive conversions

  • Manage an advertising budget

  • Practice social listening and engaging with consumers

What's New to Stukent's Social Media Simternship™?

Social Media simternship

The Social Media Simternship™ now has a freshly updated look, exciting new features, and a redesigned algorithm that utilizes artificial intelligence!

And for the first time, students will now:

  • Optimize posts using ad objectives for paid posts
  • Interact with Buhi customers to practice social listening
  • Answer questions from coworkers to demonstrate social media marketing knowledge


Give your students the opportunity to learn social media marketing best practices in a simulated real-world work environment.
No other alternative courseware allows your students to experience working with tens of thousands of dollars in social ad spend.
Experience the world’s first social media marketing simulation in your class today! 

Create and Schedule Organic Social Media Posts

Optimize Posts Using Ad Objectives for Paid Social Posts

Practice Social Listening and Interact With Customers

Conduct Data Analysis To Optimize Performance

Marketing Strategies - Digital Textbook

Marketing Strategies Courseware Logo


Foundational Social Media Marketing Concepts
The textbook covers key concepts and foundational theory in social media marketing, including social media for business, paid social media advertising, analytics and audits, and campaign planning. The book also includes an introduction to digital marketing. 

Hands-on Learning Experience
Marketing Strategies is packed with resources that provide practical, hands-on learning experiences. The textbook, class projects, in-class activities, and Expert Sessions position your students to succeed in social media and digital marketing both now and in their future professions. 

Personal Branding
After receiving instruction on core social media marketing strategies and concepts, students will have the opportunity to build their own personal brands. They will learn what a personal brand is, how they can influence that brand, and the benefits of having a personal brand. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Marketing

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Chapter 3 – Social Media for Business

Chapter 4 – Facebook Marketing

Chapter 5 – Instagram Marketing

Chapter 6 – Twitter Marketing

Chapter 7 – YouTube Marketing

Chapter 8 – Snapchat Marketing

Chapter 9 – TikTok Marketing

Chapter 10 – Paid Social Media Advertising

Chapter 11 – Social Media Analytics and Audits

Chapter 12 – Social Media Planning

Chapter 13 – Personal Branding

Chapter 14 – Digital Marketing


About The Authors

Picture of Trevor Erikson

Trevor Erikson

Trevor Erikson is the Chief Marketing Officer for Stukent, Inc. He has experience leading multiple digital marketing teams in early-stage development. In 2009, he was responsible for building a digital marketing team for a 30-store sports retail chain across the West Coast, successfully meshing traditional, digital, and social media marketing to increase sales by 343%.

Picture of Hailey Voorhies

Hailey Voorhies

Hailey Voorhies is the Director of Public Relations and Chief Administrative Officer at Stukent, Inc. She gained experience as a publicist and copywriter at an advertising agency and continues to work as a freelance graphic designer. She has managed multiple social media accounts for large networking conferences to drive awareness, increase engagement, and boost sales.

Picture of Ryan Hales

Ryan Hales

Ryan Hales has instructed more than 3,000 students as an adjunct and full-time faculty member at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where he taught in the communication, business, and English departments. He has experience as an editor of a national trade publication, as a writer, and as a graphic artist at a magazine publishing company.