Email Marketing: Simplified Strategies

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What's in the Email Marketing Courseware?

Email Courseware

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Email Marketing

Chapter 2: Designing an Effective Email Message

Chapter 3: Lead Generation

Chapter 4: Third-party Software for Email Marketing

Chapter 5: SPAM

Chapter 6: Email Automation

Chapter 7: Measuring Email Performance

Chapter 8: Email Marketing and Social Media

Chapter 9: Blogging with an Email Strategy

Chapter 10: Email Marketing Blunders and Successes

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  • Choose effective emails for email marketing sequences
  • Schedule and organize emails in email marketing sequences
  • Select triggers to determine what actions will initiate email marketing sequences
  • Set if/then branches to indicate when recipients will be removed from email marketing sequences
  • Optimize email marketing sequences based on key metrics
  • Respond effectively to email marketing related questions

About the Authors

John Fogli Email Marketing Courseware Author

John Fogli

John Fogli is a former owner of Sentenium, an HR and market research consulting organization. With Sentenium, John created and administered thousands of robust and powerful surveys, and used email marketing techniques in both domestic and international markets to successfully engage respondents with market research questionnaires.

John’s most recent work has been studying Hispanic markets. Other projects include Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in America, Intel’s market search, Chevron’s training effectiveness programs, and Cisco’s sales and service effectiveness. He is a member of the Insights Association and holds a Professional Research Certificate. He is currently a tenured professor at Diablo Valley College. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

Suren Dias Email Marketing Courseware Author

Suren Dias

Suren is a Managing Director at Avanka, a technology firm with transglobal roots across the United States and Sri Lanka. He has expertise in project design and management, international business in the South Asia region, data analysis and interpretation, omni-channel marketing, and the development and implementation of enterprise software applications.

Suren also has extensive technical knowledge of email and email marketing automation, especially in relation to modern digital marketing endeavors. Suren's gamut of experience with for-profit, nonprofit, and government organizations enables him to approach digital marketing with comprehensive insights and practical solutions.

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