Digital Marketing Analytics: Strategic Decision-making

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Digital Marketing Analytics: Strategic Decision-Making is the only courseware that gives your students hands-on experience with every major platform in the industry. Students practice optimizing and connecting results across search, social media, email, display, video, and more. More than just a textbook, this complete courseware gives you everything you need to teach digital marketing analytics, the language of digital marketing, and empower your students to add value to any company on day one.

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  • 15 Chapters
  • 1 Syllabus and Course Outline
  • 13 Assignments
  • 12 Video Tutorials
  • 15 Lesson Plans
  • 13 Expert Sessions
  • 15 Lecture Slide Presentations
  • 15 Quizzes


  • Digital Marketing Analytics: Understand digital marketing analytics and how to apply it to your marketing career.
  • Digital Consumer: Understand how the scale of collected consumer data and the emergence of consumer privacy protections affect marketing in the digital age.
  • Digital Company: Recognize a business’s current level of analytics maturity and plan how to enhance that analytics maturity.
  • Measurement Model: Understand business measurement models and how to establish them to enhance digital marketing analytics effectiveness.
  • Data-driven Decisions: Know the advantages of data-driven decision-making and be able to apply the decision-making framework — question, curate, analyze, and optimize.
  • Analyze: Determine the analysis approaches and techniques that best support various business questions.
  • Optimize: Understand that insights are only impactful when implemented and know how to prioritize persuasive recommendations for various audiences.
  • Owned Media Analytics: Understand owned media analysis and optimization strategies to create lasting business value.
  • Paid Media Analytics: Know how to connect paid media analytics to business results.
  • Earned Media Analytics: Interpret earned media analytics and provide performance insights.
  • Competitive Research: Interpret competitor analytics and provide actionable business recommendations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Digital Marketing Analytics?

Chapter 2: Digital Consumer

Chapter 3: Digital Company

Chapter 4: Measurement Model

Chapter 5: Data-Driven Decisions

Chapter 6: Analyze

Chapter 7: Optimize

Chapter 8: Website Analytics

Chapter 9: Organic Search Analytics

Chapter 10: Social Media Analytics

Chapter 11: Mobile App Analytics

Chapter 12: Email Analytics

Chapter 13: Paid Media Analytics

Chapter 14: Earned Media Analytics

Chapter 15: Competitive Research

ISBN: 978-1-7346888-4-9

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About The Author

Picture of Nathan David

Nathan David

Nathan David has over 10 years of experience in marketing, and he has driven results for a range of businesses from Fortune 500 companies such as Nationwide Insurance to large health systems such as Cleveland Clinic. He is passionate about teaching and currently serves as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor of Marketing at Cleveland State University. In addition, Nathan is the author of the etextbook, Digital Marketing Analytics: Strategic Decision-making, that is taught at over 75 different universities. Reflecting on his career, the marketing skills that fueled his success were initially cultivated through agency work. Therefore, his past experiences as a consultant at Publicis Sapient and current experiences as the founder of Meta Impact inform many of the experiential activities in his courses and programs. He frequently leads workshops and speaks at industry leading conferences such as Content Marketing World. Outside of the office and classroom, you will likely find Nathan spinning. Participating in and instructing indoor cycling rides at Everybody Cycle is his favorite respite.

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