Brand Management & Strategy

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Brand Management Key Learning Objectives

Take Students Beyond the Basics of Branding

Brand Management Roles
Students will gain an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and skills in brand management.

Value Creation
Students will investigate how brands foster value creation through strategy, identity, relevance, and other important concepts.

Brand Positioning
Students will learn the strategies and importance behind brand positioning.

Brand Extension Types
Students will explain why brands use extensions and differentiate between extension types.

Brand Identity
 Students will have opportunities to identify how brand identity supports the overall brand and business.

Internal Branding and External Branding
Students will understand the differences between internal and external branding.

Customer Engagement and Satisfaction
 Students will recognize the importance of customer engagement and satisfaction behind a brand.

Measuring Brand Performance
 Students will examine how brand performance is measured and apply a brand performance framework to existing business scenarios. 

The Role of Communication
Students will examine the critical role that communication plays in brand management and brand positioning.

Foreign Market Entry
 Students will apply brand management knowledge to foreign market entry.  

Digital and General Brand Management
Students will understand the differences in brand management in a digital environment and general brand management.

Small Business Branding
and Big Company Branding

Students will recognize the differences between small business branding and big company branding and the unique challenges that come with each. 

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Courseware Table of Contents

Brand Management & Strategy Courseware

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Purpose
Chapter 3: Strategy
Chapter 4: Directing the Brand
Chapter 5:Receiving the Brand
Chapter 6: Identity and Elements
Chapter 7: Experience
Chapter 8: Communications
Chapter 9: Digital 

Chapter 10: Value
Chapter 11: Innovation
Chapter 12: Brand Types
Chapter 13: Architecture 
Chapter 14: Internal Brand
Chapter 15: Measurement and Performance
Chapter 16: Global
Chapter 17: Small Business vs. Big Company

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About the Author

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Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan has more than 30 years of experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and professor. In addition to several start-ups including a successful exit of his first company, Terry has worked for a variety of small and large companies and is the Founder and President of Strategic Glue, a marketing consultancy in St. Louis, Missouri. As an Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor in the School of Communications and the School of Business at Webster University (also in St. Louis, Missouri), Terry has 14 years of higher education experience and is the author of two Stukent courseware titles, Marketing Management Today and Brand Management & Strategy: Building & Sustaining a Valuable Brand. Terry studied English and management as an undergrad and has a master’s degree in International Business from Saint Louis University. Terry is married with two sons and enjoys songwriting, guitar playing, movies, reading, exercising, and occasional skateboarding.

Updated every year based on instructor and student feedback.

Includes many resources that help you teach a more engaging course.

Backed by the best customer support team.

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