Accounting Simternship™

A Powerful, Hands-on Accounting Experience

Teaching Accounting Just Got Easier for Educators and More Engaging for Students


Immerse Students in a Real-world Accounting Cycle

The Stukent Accounting Simternship goes beyond your average business simulation, allowing your students to apply the concepts you’re teaching them in a real-world setting. The Simternship asks students to make journal entries and prepare financial reports, helping them learn to account for business decisions and build the skills they will need for success.

A Simternship helps your students gain experience, master marketable skills, increase their knowledge retention, and yes, even make mistakes in a low-risk environment. It’s a powerful experience that cements learning for a lifetime.

Engaging Storyline

The Accounting Simternship places your students in an engaging, realistic scenario to help them understand the principles of the accounting cycle. In this simulation, your students will play the role of a new entrepreneur who must account for their business decisions and transactions. 

Throughout the simulation, students will perform job-related tasks that coincide with the storyline and help them understand the learning objectives.

Journal Entries

  • The Quickbooks-like environment mimics industry tools.
  • Students will analyze transactions and determine how those transactions impact the accounting equation.
  • The immersive user interface helps students build experience with an ERP-like platform.

Easy Setup & Grading

  • The Simternship is fully digital and guides students through each activity.
  • All simulation activities are auto-graded.
  • Stukent customer success managers provide instructors with robust support for course set up, LMS integration, and more. 

Round by Round

Simternships role specific learning

Rounds 1 & 2 

Pre-revenue Transactions

Round 3

Account Transactions – Week 1 & 2

Round 4

Account Transactions – Week 3 & 4

Round 5

End of Month 1 Adjustments

Round 6

Account Transactions – Month 2

Round 7

End of Month 2 Adjustments

Round 8

Account Transactions – Month 3

Round 9

End of Month 3 Adjustments

Round 10

Prepare Income Statement & 

Trial Balance

Round 11

Evaluate Financial Reports

Round 12

Pitch to the Bank

High School All-access Pass

The High School All-access Pass gives teachers access to not only the Accounting Simternship™ but all 12+ simulations and courseware offered by Stukent.

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