Deborah Rumsey

Principles of Supply Chain

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I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I  received bachelor’s degree in math at UW-LaCrosse, a master’s degree in math at Illinois State, and a PhD in statistics at Ohio State. 

Why is education important to you?

My dad once told me they can never take away your education.

What does being an Innovation Partner mean to you?

Innovating new learning materials as part of a team.

What made you want to innovate with Stukent?

Their people are incredible-very excited, talented, and fun.

What are your hobbies?

Fishing, goats, sewing, traveling, birdwatching, OSU football!

What is your favorite TV show?

The Blues Brothers movie, Yellowstone tv show.

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"Thanks again for allowing my class to participate in the testing of this simulation.
They really loved it and report weekly about how much they are learning."
Elaine Winship
Professor of Communication Arts
St. Thomas Aquinas College