Google Analytics 4 Is now LIVE!

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A Guide to Survive Learn Teach Thrive with Google Analytics 4

Here are 6 Resources for Your Course

GA4 Transition: Instructor Survival Guide

This document provides direction and instruction when transitioning your course to include Google Analytics 4. It will provide easy access to assignments, material and courseware that will ease the transition.


Google Analytics 4 Walkthrough & Assignments

This webinar from Nathan David, deep dives into his most recent courseware update that provides resources to help you teach Google Analytics 4. This is the only course on the market that is ready for the huge change to Google’s analytics platform.


Google Analytics 4 Flood it! Assignment

This is a great assignment to plug into your classroom and let your students develop their knowledge and abilities with GA4. It allows students to navigate GA4 and learn to answer business questions with data.

Google Analytics 4 Demo Account Webpage

This is a fully functioning account that any Google User can Access. It allows users to experiment with its new features and look at real business data.


Digital Marketing Analytics: Strategic Decision-making

The author, Nathan David, will have this course fully updated so it replaces every mention of Universal Analytics and instead teaches Google Analytics 4 by the start of Spring Semester 2023.


Transitioning to Google Analytics 4 Webinar

Nathan David, Sabrina Tatalias, and Uryah Collins walk through the major changes GA4 bring both to the industry and to the classroom. They provide guidance and resources for you to make the switch.


Blog Post: “Transitioning to Google Analytics 4: An Instructors Survival Guide

As the deadline of switching to Google Analytics 4 closes in, we’ve taken a look at what this means for your class, and how to address the change. This help you find the right path to transition your course activities to teach skills that will be sought after in the job market