Advertising Curriculum

Empower Students to Master Practical Advertising Skills

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Which courseware is right for you?

Advertising: Selling in Today's World Advertising Campaigns
What courses are the materials designed for?
Introductory-level advertising, media writing, and social media courses
Higher-level capstone courses that focus on advertising campaigns, advertising strategy, and copywriting
What careers does this courseware prepare students for?
Copywriters, Advertising sales coordinators, Brand marketers, Assistant media planners
Senior vice president of business development, Senior vice president of growth, Media planners, Content producers, Creative directors
What is the courseware’s overall focus
The “Advertising” courseware introduces students to advertising principles and provides a detailed overview of creating and placing successful ads. It focuses on fundamentals such as branding, creative development, ethical boundaries, media planning, etc.
The “Advertising Campaigns” courseware walks students through building a real-world campaign. It introduces professional presentations, pitching, client briefings, strategy development, and winning new business. It also provides an overview of how to manage an ad campaign team.
What topics differentiate the courseware from other advertising textbooks?
• Recognizing that differentiation is a key goal of branding
• Breaking the advertising process into stages
• Building brands globally
• Defining the nine steps of the advertising process
• Identifying methods for compiling media budgets
• Understanding how changes in technology impact advertising systems
• Managing an ad campaign team
• Preparing for client briefings
• Distinguishing brand vision, purpose, and mission
• Articulating how to bring the right answers to clients
• Competing in the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)
• Advice from real advertising professionals
Is it highly integrated with the state-of-the-art Simternship?
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