Introduction to Business Courseware

A Curriculum that Means Business

Hands-on learning and hassle-free teaching, guaranteed. “Introduction to Business: Best Practices & Emerging Trends” is packed with resources designed for educators, by educators. With case studies, lesson plans, lecture slide decks, and essay questions, this courseware saves you valuable time and keeps your curriculum on the industry’s leading edge.

Best of all, “Introduction to Business: Best Practices & Emerging Trends” is easy to implement in your curriculum, allowing you to focus on what matters most: Your students.


Mimic Intro to Business


Ready. Set. Learn.

The Mimic Intro to Business simulation gives students hands-on, educational experiences with essential business practices. Students enter a rotational program at the fictional company, Buhi Supply Co., and work in the human resources, supply chain, sales, marketing, and finance departments.