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Submissions open September 1 - December 20, 2024


Get ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit in the 2024 Stukent Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition

Registration is now open for this exciting opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas.

Starting September 1, 2024, aspiring entrepreneurs can submit their business pitches for a chance to win big. But don't delay – submissions close on December 20, 2024.

Participants will receive a branded slide template for their business pitch deck, courtesy of Stukent. Plus, access to Stukent's Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation courseware, providing invaluable insights and best practices for crafting a winning presentation.

With a 3-5 minute pre-recorded pitch video, competitors will have the chance to impress a panel of judges with their creativity, strategy, and vision. Don't miss this chance to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality – register now and start crafting your winning pitch!


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Competition Details



Register now!

Spots are limited to the first 50 applicants!

Competition Grading Rubric

All the resources you need to succeed in the Stukent Student Sales Competition will be available to you! On September 20th, you will gain access to the Professional Selling Simternship™, which will include background information, a scenario, and the tools and resources you’ll need to submit your video email pitch. 

You’ll also gain access to Chapter 7, Sections 2 & 3 of the “Professional Selling” courseware, where you will learn best practices for video email pitches, including the length of the video, how to give a cold call introduction, how to personalize your greeting, how to create a great value proposition, how to give an invitation for next steps, and more!


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Competition Details

Registration is open NOW until December 20, 2024

Judging January 6, 2025 - January 24, 2025

People's Choice Voting: TBD

Winners will be announced on February 3, 2025


• Limited to 100 applicants

• Must be currently enrolled in a collegiate program

• Submission length cannot be longer than 5 minutes

• The business pitch cannot be affiliated with certain brands and businesses ideas that are NSFW


Register now!
Spots are limited to the first 100 applicants!

Competition Grading Rubric

  1. Feasibility: (10 points)
    • Very likely to succeed, a clear plan for profitability and sustainability.
  2. Intro to the Business: (10 points)
    • Clearly outlines the purpose, target market, and unique selling points.
  3. Value Proposition: (10 points)
    • Understands and identifies market needs well.
  4. Mission, Vision, Objectives: (15 points)
    • Aligned with values, provides clear direction.
  5. SWOT Analysis: (15 points)
    • Thoroughly understands strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats well.
  6. Strategies and Plans: (15 points)
    • Well-developed clear objectives, realistic tactics, and timelines.
  7. Perceptual Map: (15 points)
    • Visualizes positioning relative to competitors well.
  8. Presentation Delivery: (10 points)
    • Clear, confident, and engaging.