The Psychology of the Sales Funnel

Joshua Moritz

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Joshua Moritz is an Assistant Adjunct Professor and serial entrepreneur, having founded, developed, sold, and participated in numerous start-ups, including DMTG, Customer Growth, Medozza, Worktopia, and Moritz teaches marketing, analytics, and leadership courses for New York University, CCNY, Baruch College, and Yeshiva University. He was awarded a Rebus/CCNY grant to develop an OER textbook called “A Marketing Handbook,” as well as grants from New York University to study teaching modalities for simulations and programming languages. Moritz holds a BA from Rutgers College, an MBA from Babson College, and Certificates in Effective College Instruction from CCNY/ACUE and Russian Business Practices from Saint Petersburg State University in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He has also received simulation training from Harvard Business Publishing and Marketplace Simulations.